Friday, December 11, 2009

14 Memories Until Christmas

Our house was built into the side of a hill and when we were very little we went sledding right in the side yard. After the blizzard of '66 it was a big hill! We'd often sled down Bigsby's Hill in the neighborhood, Westcott reservoir in Geddes or Woodland reservoir near my grandparent's house. We used sleds with metal runners or some of the kids had toboggans. One year I got a plastic flying saucer for Christmas and that became my favorite. My brother would start me spinning just before he shoved me down the hill.

The first time I took my kids to the "res" sledding, Bean wasn't quite ready and I had to take her to my mom's because BJ loved it and PJ couldn't get back to the top fast enough! They have now fenced off the top of both reservoirs off so my grandkids will never know the joy of flying down one of the really big hills.

Side yard Hill c 1967

As children sledding was pure joy!
This picture of a childhood friend is a favorite of mine.

Westcott Reservoir c. 1984

c 1982

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Gini said...

Looks like so much fun Apple! Too bad they fenced it off. Great childhood memories and photos.