Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I write to you with a heavy heart this year. The other kids are saying that you are not real and that it is really John that gets my gifts each year. Say it isn't so! I do have to wonder though as the most important things that I have asked you for the last three years did not appear under the tree.

I don't know, maybe the things I've asked for are simply impossible to obtain but I really thought, well you know, you being magical and all, that you could get me anything my little heart desires.

For three years straight I've asked you for the parents of William Wisner. I do know more about where the records are not. I guess it would be more fun to make the discovery of who his parents were for myself but Santa I am surely frustrated!!! At this point I'd settle for a hint of where to look. Maybe you could just draw me a little map.

Last year I also asked you for the Kelly family Bible. I know it may have been destroyed or belong to a cousin I'm not in touch with. Could you at least leave a note as to whether or not it exists?

Captain Daniel Carlisle's diary is more important than ever now Santa! I would like to join the DAR and they won't let me in based on his service. Can you imagine, a Patriot like that, they don't want? Oh I know he made a mistake, so it was a very big mistake, but still, he did battle for his country and I think his diary will show just what a Patriot he was and how unjust his ouster was!

All three things I've mentioned are very important to me and I really, really want them. But if you can get me a quilt made by Sarah Ann or even Anna or Rose I'd be happy to forget the rest and I'd be able to assure the other kids that you do exist!

Of course if I don't find any of the above items in my stocking but I do find a new MP3 player (with a 2.8" touch screen, 4gb or better and a camera would be nice) then I'll have to assume that the other kids are right and your real name is John.

Hoping for some Christmas Magic!


This was written for part 2 of the 86th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy: Letters to GeneaSanta, to be hosted by Jasia at Creative Gene.

Thanks for the poster fM!


Joan said...

What interesting things we "searchers" want for Christmas. May Santa, by whatever name, bring you bibles, diaries, and quilts and surprises beyond your wildest dreams.

Taylorstales-Genealogy said...

Dear Apple,
It is always a joy to read your blog. I laughed and smiled at your request from Santa. Keeping my fingers crossed you get your wishes. Merry Christmas friend!