Saturday, December 26, 2009

Weekly Rewind

Carnivals and Roundups

My feed reader had a glitch last week and I missed the 19th edition of Smile for the Camera at Shades of the Departed. The prompt was Gift and Footnote Maven did a wonderful job presenting the more than 60 submissions.

The Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories finished up at GeneaBloggers.

Be sure to check out John Newmark's Weekly Picks at Transylvanian Dutch and Randy Seaver's Best of the Genea-Blogs at Genea-Musings. There is usually some overlap between our lists but with 800 geneablogs to follow they always find good stuff that I missed!

Weekly Reading

Craig Manson had a very busy week at GeneaBlogie. With Classic Christmas Correspondence: Yes Virginia.. he introduced me to a previously unknown cousin. Are any of you also descended from Roger Conant? He also has started a Discussion about Standards. And finally, Craig was a guest on KQED radio and you can find the podcast here.

Sheri Fenley is still trying to start a new Christmas Tradition at The Educated Genealogist.

Becky Wiseman's of kinexxions is still on the road and was able to meet Denise of Family Matters and Moultrie Creek.

The Great Awakening was the topic at History Is Elementary. Are our schools skippping over an important piece of our history simply because it involved religion?

Lori wrote about The Execution of Peter B. Suman at Genealogy and Me.

T.K. Sand found some great videos from 1938 that she shared at Before My Time. I still haven't really explored all there is at Internet Archive and wouldn't have thought to look for video. Thanks T.K!

Randy Seaver has some great resources listed for Massachusetts Vital Records at Genea-Musings.

If your ancestors lived in New York City check out Schelly Talalay Dardashti's post about WPA Photos at Tracing the Tribe.

Denise shared how create a hard space with your word processing program or on your blog at Family Matters.

The Ancestry Insider shows how your blog may appear to your readers with Above the Fold.

At Virginia Family Tree Genealogy, Kevin Lett wrote about Dropbox.

Cat has discovered some great Belgium and France resources that have allowed her to make great progress on several of her lines at Diggin Up Dirt.

At Relatively Curious About Genealogy you will find Other Collections for Family Stories Online. I will mention that one of the resources listed, Columbia's CLIO, is full of broken links and does not list either of the libraries where I have found family letters. It is a great starting point but be sure to look for libraries anywhere near where your family may have been.

Locally, had a wonderful story about a woman who received a kidney from a cousin she had never met.

My Week

Another week in which I did not much! I'm on vacation until the 4th and I have a couple of projects to work on and it really is time to get back to work on the letters.


Anonymous said...

What a great roundup! It was such a busy week here, that genealogy took a backseat to holiday celebrations. I'm ready for my husband's vacation next week, because I'll be holed up in my bedroom with my laptop, pedigree charts, books, and vital records CDs. ;)

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Sheri Fenley said...

Thanks for the mention Apple! Maybe next year will be the one I get to have my family tradition!

GeneaDiva said...


I enjoyed your Christmas articles. I cried as I read most of them and enjoyed a smile at some of them too. They were all touching and I'm sure your descendants will someday enjoy them.

Thanks for posting a great round up for last week. A special thanks for mentioning Sheri Fenley's blog. I read and laughed and laughed some more. I enjoyed spending time on her blog last night and all thanks to you to posting the link to her blog. I try to catch your round-up every week b/c I always discover an interesting blog or new point or view or research technique, etc.

Keep up the good work and Happy 2010!