Sunday, January 17, 2010

Correction to Annie Smith letter

Sometimes I rush when I shouldn't and mistakes are made. On January 14, 2010 I published a letter from Annie Smith, Dec 14, 1909. I knew the letter was from Julia Auria Warner Smith but without stopping to really think about it, I "saw" Annie (and it certainly didn't look like Auria) so that is how I attributed the letter. In my notes for the letter I referred to her as Aurie. Sometimes I am thick and you have to bop me on the head!

I have been trading emails with G.M., a Warner descendant, and he said that he had never heard her called anything other than Aunt Aurie. I went back and enlarged the section of the letter with the signature. Once I had enlarged it enough, it clearly says Aurie.

Normally I would simply make a correction to the original post, with a notation that it had been corrected. In this case the title of the post had the error and being unable to change the link, I instead have deleted the original and created a new, corrected post, along with this explanation.

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