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Laura Ruple Warner, Aug 1, 1909

Aug 1st 1909

Dear Grandma

We are always glad to here from you also able to be around and can wait on yourself some forit is a grate blessing to be able to do that, I always hate to ask others to do that I guess Aurie and her father have written the most of the news, With out I say they have prayr meeting at the old church and Raymond is class leader, him and Boltis are very attentive going to meeting which I am very thankful for, We are looking for Earl out soon to

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stay awhile and visit

I want to Chicago and visit this year but dont expect I can for I have no way of earning money this year, our cow is most dry. an other year we will have two if nothing happens so when one is dry the other will give milk. You must remember me to aunt Anna, I often think of her, I am so glad you can read and write and pray. so many cant see or use there hands or some thing when they get old. I surly think God is good to us. I suppose you here from Mr & Mrs Bogordis they are quite poorly alltho they do their work mostly this from your loving friend L.M.W.

Laura M Ruple Warner had been a neighbor of Sarah Ann's. Laura's daughter, Libbie, married Sarah Ann's grandson, Fred Camfield and that would be why Laura wanted to make a trip to Chicago to visit them. Earl was Fred and Libbie's son. Aurie, Raymond and Boltis were members of the Warner family.

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