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Etola Robinson, 23 April c.1900

South Bend, Ind. April 23

Dear Friends, as it has been a long time since I saw you and a longer time since I wrote you I will endever to drop you a few lines this evening.

I have been looking for Ashley to come and see me again until to day I went over to Joe's and they tell me hi is not here. what was the reason he did not stay? There is as much building as ever going on here. Mr. and Mrs. Mccombs got home two weeks ago yesterday he was much better but last week was in bed. has an absess in his ear about like Lib had you know. he was better yesterday. I am working every day and last of the nights am standing it first rate am riding my wheel and feel as though I was the whole thing.

Amelia went to Elkhart to day to visit Ralph his family is there now I should

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have gone but have not gotten me any hat yet and so had nothing to wear on my head well how are every body in Buchanan? I have not heard from there since Ashley was here have been looking for a letter from Tamerson she usualy answers so promptly and it is now three weeks since I wrote her. Ruby is making grate calculations on her coming over here this summer I expect you have your house cleaning all done well I do not think I shall so much I am so clean all the time that it does not need it __.

I suppose Lizzie is gone to May's by this time.

Well Annie I thought I could write quite a long letter but I can not think of any more so will have to close. I hope you will write soon. I think maby I shall get over to Buchanan for one day next month

good night from your Friend
Etoley Robinson

This letter had no year written on it. In Toley's letter of 18 March 1900 she said, "have been out to Mrs. McCombs' sisters doing some work for her. Hazle McComb is staying with her while her Father and mother is away." So it seems likely that since this letter mentions their return home it seem likely that this letter was written in 1900.

Ashley was Anna's husband and Tamerson their daughter.

Joe Camfield was Anna's brother and Ruby his daughter.

McComb's were friends.

Amelia Gosline was Toley's niece and roommate.

Lib was Elizabeth Voorhees and she lived behind Anna in Mocasin Ave in Buchanan, MI.

I feel like I should know who Lizzie and May were but I'm drawing a blank right now. I'll add an edit if I figure it out.

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CalC said...

I found your posting on Ancestry and checked out your site. Abner Robinson, Etola's brother, is my husband's great grandfather. I have one picture of him in about 1920, the year of my husband's grandmother's wedding. He is a tall man with a long grey beard, and was married to Elizabeth Grady Wilbur, who had a daughter by her first marriage named May. May married Charles Seavey, who died a tragic death in 1903 or 1904 on the Wabash Cannonball. I have more info on the Robinson family, but you may have more (or different info). I'll look up what I have about Etoley.