Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekly Rewind

Weekly Reading

Liza Alzo has created a list of 31 prompts for National Women's History Month at The Accidental Genealogist.

Looking for more inspiration? Then you can download the March Edition of the Genealogy Blogger's Almanac by Denise Levenick at The Family Curator.

Elyse Doeeflinger lost her mother and has written A Toast to Mom at Elyse's Genealogy Blog. I extend my deepest sympathy to Elyse and her family.

At Creative Gene, Jasia sees Genealogy As Therapy. Read her thoughts and share your own.

Cathy at Detour Through History wrote about An Adventure Long Ago At the Clements Library. She said, "The Clements Library was probably the most intimidating place I've ever attempted to research." I find most libraries intimidating! I followed her link and may have found another collection of letters that relate to my family! Could I be that lucky?

Barbara Poole is asking for help at Life From The Roots. Can you post a PDF document to Blogger? If not, what is the fastest/easiest way to convert it? She isn't the only one that wants to know! I'll be following her comments.

Are you recording your memories? Donna Pointkouski provides a very enjoyable read with her memories of The Walk Home at What's Past is Prologue.

Faces of America wrapped up it's four week series and there were many posts written about it. A couple that caught my attention were Thomas MacEntee's Faces of America Viewership - Influenced By Opinions About Dr. Gates? at Destination Austin Family and  Thoughts about Searching for My Ancestors by Nancy Messier at My Ancestors and Me. Also check out Randy Seaver's, I'm Puzzled by DNA Claims on Faces of America at Genea-Musings AND Blaine Bettinger's follow up, Faces of America and Genetic Genealogy Testing at The Genetic Genealogist.

Caroline M. Pointer, writing about her grandfather said, "If he had wanted to "fly underneath the radar," then he should've stayed out of the papers, but lucky for me, he didn't. With the combination of census records, city directories, historical newspapers, and historical land records, I've pieced together some of my grandfather's work & business history, and here's what I found:". She found a great deal and shared it at Family Stories: He Never Promised Me A Rose Garden.

Head over to Taneya's Genealogy Blog and thank Taneya for creating a spreadsheet of the VA Pension Cards 1907-1933 that have been put online.

I enjoyed A Little Lively Refreshment at FamHist Blog.

TennLady had a Frustrated Friday at GeneNotes. I highlight her post not to pick on the blog that she mentions but because I've experienced the same frustration when I've gone to leave a comment on various blogs and I've seen several posts over the last few weeks on a few blogs where linkbacks should have included. I'm certain the problem is one of ignorance. For more see Blogging as a Conversation by Thomas MacEntee at GeneaBloggers. Edited 3:06 PM - Pam Warren brought to my attention in the comments that the problem has been fixed on the blog mentioned and I'm happy to report that it was an oversight rather than an intentional slight.

Mona Robinson Mills used land records to fill in a gap in her tree at Itawamba Connections: Another daughter found.

Carnivals and Roundups

Check out the March Edition of the Graveyard Rabbit Carnival: Forgotten Cemeteries. A great topic and several submissions. The topic for April is Anonymous Graves. The Association of Graveyard Rabbits also had a very nice write up in Family Tree Magazine!

John Newmark shared his Weekly Genealogy Picks at TransylvanianDutch and as always had some interesting links that I wouldn't have found otherwise.

Best of the Genea-Blogs by Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings has more great links and again some of them were to blogs that I do not follow regularly.

My Week

From a genealogy standpoint I had a very unproductive week. I had lots of family time this week and meetings and other things at work that took up more time than usual. Spring fever is setting in but here in Snowville spring is still a long way off!

I did finally make the descision about how I will spend my April break. A research trip to Michigan and Illinois is off the table until at least July and more likely August :(


Thomas MacEntee said...

Thanks Apple for highlighting my post on Faces of America - it garnered quite a few comments and I think it produced some valuable dialog.

GrannyPam said...

Nice roundup Apple. I actually communicated with the writer of the blog that TennLady was frustrated about. The owner did not know she had created a problem, and fixed it! Go back and check out her response which I posted with the original complaint! It turns out she does want to be in on the conversation, and now she can be!

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Thanks Pam. I have added an update to my post.

Lisa Swanson Ellam said...

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your weekly rewind! Regardless of how many blogs I read each week (and there are many!) I always miss something! Thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your roundup; there is nearly always something that I haven't seen over the past week.

Barbara Poole said...

Thank you for mentioning my post regarding the question I had. There were a lot of comments, but no quick method. I will let you and everybody know as soon as I discover how to do it.

Elizabeth Thomas said...

I always check out all the lists bloggers make to find sites I may enjoy reading. I also just read your blog showing how you found the most likely person in a picture, another tool I can use for all my unknown photos. I appreciate your sharing of so much information.

TK said...
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