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Pancratius Boll and Elizabeth Deiss

I am not related to the Ball family. This record is for my grandchildren.

Pancratius Boll was a man of many names. I also have Pancratius Ball, Pomgrotry Poll, Pomgratzy Boll, Pomgratzy Ball, Pomgratzy Poll, Pomgratzy Pole, Pomgrety Poll. Pomgrety Boll, Pomgrety Ball, Pancratz Boll, Pancratz Ball, and Bumgratz Ball.

The birth and death information I have for him comes directly from his monument in Old St. Mary's Cemetery, Minoa, New York.

Pancratius Boll
Born At
The Town Of
Bozol, Baden
Mary 12, 1802
Died Aug. 28, 1853
Age 51 y's
3 m's & 16d's

I could find no place called Bozol in Germany. Based on something else I had found I tried a search for Bozol, Switzerland and the very helpful Google search engine asked "did you mean Basel?" (When trying to repeat that search Google is no longer helpful so I guess I must have searched on my lucky day!) Basel, Switzerland is pronounced very close to Bozol in German and is located where Switzerland, France and Germany meet.

I do not know when, how or with whom Pancratius traveled to the United States. He was in New York by 1834 when his son, John, was born. The only record I have found so far is the 1850 Census, New York, Town of Dewitt (162 written top left corner) Dwelling 1189. (Found at Family Search) If you look closely the first name appears to have been written initially with a W and changed to an R. I would love to know if/how the Ripple family was related to the Ball's.
William Ripple, 38, m, Farmer, 2500, Germany, could not read or write
Catherine Ripple, 42, f, Germany, could not read or write.
Anthony _ousing, 22, m, Farmer, Germany, could not read or write
Catherine Ripple, 16, f, Germany, attended school in the last year
Pomgrotry Poll, 50, m, Farmer, 3500, Germany
Elizabeth Poll, 40, f, Germany
John Poll, 16, m Farmer, NY
Joseph Poll, 14, m, NY, attended school in the last year
Pearce Poll, 12, m, NY, attended school in the last year
Anthony Poll, 10, m, NY
George Poll, 5, m, NY
Jacob Poll, 3, m, NY
Elizabeth Poll, 1, f, NY

Elizabeth's maiden name was most likely Deiss as next to Pancratius' monument is a stone for Mary Ann Deiss, Mother of Elizabeth Ball. Her stone has been broken and reset. An online transcription of Old St. Mary's Cemetery gives her date of death as Oct. 2, 1852 ae. 77-0-10. An obituary for one of her children gives her name as Elizabeth Ties. (Note that the online transcription has her name as Diess while the stone clearly shows Deiss.)

After Pancratius' death, Elizabeth married Oliver A. Snavely. They are found on the 1860 census at, New York, Onondaga, Dewitt, Collamer PO, page 178, family 1344.
Oliver Snebly, 30, m, Farmer, 5600, 1000, France
Elisabeth Snebly, 47, f,  Baden
Joseph Ball, 24, m, Farm Laborer, NY
Pierce Ball, 22, m, Farm Laborer, NY
Anthony Ball, 20, m NY, Farm Laborer, NY, could not read or write
George Ball, 16, m NY, Farm Laborer, NY, attended school within the year
Jacob Ball, 14, m, NY, attended school within the year
Mary Ball, 9, f, attended school within the year.

Elizabeth and Oliver had a son, Oliver Shnable born 14 Dec 1857 and died 15 Dec 1857.

Thus far I have been unable to locate Elizabeth and Oliver on the 1870 or 1880 census.

Elizabeth died 31 Jan 1892, East Syracuse, New York. Two obituaries were found at the Old Fulton Post Cards site.
The Syracuse Daily Journal, Wednesday, February 3, 1892; page 8[?].

Neighborhood News - Collamer.

Mrs. O Snavely of East Syracuse, the mother of Anthony Ball, died at her home on Sunday morning, aged 82 years. The funeral was held to-day (Tuesday) at St. Mathew's R. C. Church and internment was made at Manlius.
Her name does not appear on the St Mary's cemetery transcription.

Syracuse Weekly Express: Thursday, February 4, 1892; page 4

East Syracuse

Elizabeth, wife of Oliver Snavely, who had been ill for four months, died on Saturday of pld age, aged eighty one years. She was one of the oldest residents of the town and leaves a husband, five sons and one daughter. The funeral was held at St. Matthew's Church yesterday.

Oliver A. Snavely is found on the transcription of Assumption Cemetery in Syracuse, New York. Snavely, Oliver A. 1831-1909. Section S.

In the St Mary's cemetery transcription I found:
Weber, Theresa (lot 19-I) b. 1795 d. 2/5/1884 aunt of Pius Ball. Pius was also known as Pierce Ball so it would seem that Theresa Weber must have been the sister of either Pancratius or Elizabeth. I have not been able to find Theresa in census records or through newspaper searches.



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