Saturday, November 20, 2010

Surname Saturday - Badgley

I have written relatively little about my Badgley ancestors but I have spent untold hours researching them. If I can ever get my DAR membership application back on track, I hope to use my ancestor, Anthony Badgley, as no one has gained membership through his line.

>>Pearl Vivian Camfield (1886-1972) South Bend, IN - Berrien County, MI
>>>Joseph Harrison Camfield (1847-1927) Syracuse, NY - South Bend, IN
>>>>Sarah Ann Wisner (1817-1912) Onondaga County, NY - Branch County, MI
>>>>>Elizabeth "Betsey" BADGLEY (1791-1877) Albany, NY - Avon, IL
>>>>>>Anthony BADGLEY (1750-1829) Clinton, NY - Dewitt, NY
>>>>>>>Anthony BADGLEY (1721-1810) Flushing, NY - Clinton, NY
>>>>>>>>Anthony BADGLEY (c. 1695-1732) Flushing, NY
>>>>>>>>>Anthony BADGLEY (c. 1660-aft.1715) ??? - Flushing, NY

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