Saturday, December 4, 2010

Conant - Surname Saturday

Conant is a line I have not written about. I have done little research of my own beyond Ebenezer Conant and may therefore have mistakes.

>>Daniel Michael Carlisle, 1885-1960; Buchanan, MI
>>>Isaac Ashley Carlisle, 1842-1929; Edwardsburg, MI - Buchanan, MI
>>>>Daniel Carlisle, 1797-1872; Westmoreland, NH - Buchanan, MI
>>>>>Daniel Carlisle, 1767-1822; Lunenburg, MA - Western New York
>>>>>>Lydia CONANT, 1737-1774; Concord, MA - Westmoreland, NH
>>>>>>>Ebenezer CONANT, 1698-1784; Beverly, MA - Ashburnham, MA
>>>>>>>>Roger CONANT, 1669-c. 1745; Beverly, MA
>>>>>>>>>Lot CONANT, c. 1624-1674; Nantasket, MA - Beverly, MA
>>>>>>>>>>Roger CONANT, c. 1591-1679; England - Salem, MA


Barbara Poole said...

Apple, I actually have a Lot Conant, no info., his dau. Abigail Conant married Nicholas Ober (January 16, 1710/11, Beverly). Wish I had more for you.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Barb - Is your interest in the Ober or Conant line? (I don't have anything on the Ober line)

Abigail Conant was my 1st cousin, 7x removed:

Abigail Conant b. 1690 Beverly, MA
m. 1st Nicholas Ober 16 Jan 1711 Beverly
m. 2nd John Thorndike 1732 Beverly

>Lot Conant 1658-1745
m Elizabeth Pride

>>Lot Conant c 1624-1674
m. Elizabeth Walton

>>>Roger Conant 1591-1675
m. Sarah Horton

Barbara Poole said...

Apple, it is the Ober line. Nicholas Ober was the son of my direct ancestor, Richard Ober and wife, Abigail Woodbury. I have Nicholas's brother, Richard as my direct line. We aren't cousins yet, but there is hope.

Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

I was born in Beverly, and we lived at Pride's Crossing. I'm a Thorndike, Woodbury and Rayment descendant among others. I'm not a Conant descendant, but there are many Conant marriages amongst the siblings and cousins in my tree.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Heather - I've always been fascinated by the relationships of early New England families. I'll trace out a line just to see if my cousin married one of their cousins [not related to me]. Lydia Conant in my line was the 1st wife of Daniel Carlisle. His 2nd wife was a cousin of hers. I don't have much on the surnames you mention but I know I wouldn't have to dig far to find connections.