Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

You are undoubtedly surprised to be hearing from me so late this year but frankly I know I must be on your "naughty" list and so I almost didn't write at all!

But I did want to thank-you for your gifts last year. I was quite pleased to find the mp3 player under the tree. It certainly isn't your fault that I can figure how how to use it for podcasts! I haven't used it much but promise to either figure it out or swallow my pride and ask the grandkids to show me.

Last year I also asked for a little hint about the parents of William Wisner. You certainly took me literally as it was a little hint but still, I am grateful. I'm not certain I would have caught the discrepancy otherwise and while it didn't give me an answer it did give me more leads to track down.

I know I haven't been good this year. I let myself wallow in self pity for much of the year. I know, not like me at all, but there it is. I didn't keep up with correspondence as I should have,  I stopped transcribing letters and my index project is at a standstill. I even stopped following my friends, leaving comments and writing my weekly rewind posts. I feel very bad about that! I did have a few redeeming moments; I contributed to the Ontario GenWeb site and worked at adding pictures and photos to Find A Grave. Yes, I know, that little bit hardly offsets the rest.

I promise to get back on track! I have already started transcribing more letters. I have also been reading through many of the letters that were written about Christmas' past and they have made me very ashamed. They had so little and were often separated from family and yet they were happy with whatever little extras they could scrounge up and the little remembrances they made for each other. While times have been tough the last several years I truly feel wealthy compared to my ancestors.

While I am not asking for anything for myself, all of my friends have been very good girls and boys!

It has been an unbelievable year for too many of my friends medically and they all handled their trials with much more grace than I. Would you please, please, scatter some healing dust when you visit those that have struggled so much this year? And perhaps you have some magic that will protect them from injury and illness in the coming year!

Almost all of my friends complain that they simply do not have enough time and for them I would like you leave a Time Turner under the tree!

Many of my favorite authors have either stopped writing all together or changed their focus away from the wonderful family stories that they used to share. For them I ask that they find a Muse next to the tree to inspire them. (OK, this is also a gift for me but please do not punish them on my account!)

A few of my friends have been fortunate enough to travel. For them I ask for all the mechanical parts they need to keep going and unlimited internet access so they can stay in touch.

I know that there are many that would love to find something a bit more practical under the tree. I hope your sleigh is filled with scanners, hard drives, smart phones and such!

And lastly, I ask for sledgehammers for everyone!

I'm not certain where you'll be taking your vacation after your long night but if you find yourself in Florida after January, know that you and Mrs. Clause will be more than welcome!



Elizabeth O'Neal said...

Apple, I hope Santa brings you everything you desire for Christmas. You certainly deserve some happiness and health in the coming year. Wishing you many blessings!

Carol said...

Agree, this really has been a rough year for many.

Let us all toast our fav beverage, adult or otherwise

May 2011 be FAB!!

Merry Christmas, Apple

Greta Koehl said...

Apple, you said it all and you said it so very well, as only you can. Wishing you blessings, health, incredible research luck, the greenest of green thumbs, and all your Santa wishes!

GrannyPam said...

Apple, wishing you the best for Christmas, and in the New Year. I hope you will feel better, and be well. Enjoy Florida, and hopefully we will meet in New York or Michigan when spring comes!

Julie said...

Beautiful post. Hope the new year brings you happiness and sure deserve it!

TK said...

Apple, Santa couldn't possibly ignore such a charming letter! Happy holidays!

Becky Wiseman said...

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas, Apple. I sure hope Santa comes through for you and grants your wishes. We could all use some good cheer this time of year! And I really hope you make it to Florida this winter!

Barbara Poole said...

Apple, What a sweet, yet sad letter to Santa. Are you trying to make me cry? Seriously, I was happy to read your post and am delighted to know that you are ready to move forward. As for Santa, he grants everything to those who BELIEVE.
Have a Very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful, 2011.

Jasia said...

Great post, Apple. I hope Santa is kind and generous towards you this Christmas. And I hope the New Year will be all kinds of wonderful for you!

Thank you for thinking of all your online friends, we're thinking good wishes for you too!

my Heritage Happens said...

Wishing you a most perfect Christmas and wishes for the New Year to be everything you want!It will be a fabulous year! Merry Christmas!

Janice said...


Your letter is wonderfully honest. We ALL go through rough years, but hope is a wonderful thing, and sometimes it becomes much better.

Leaving you a little Christmas Box:

"And all was for an apple,
An apple that he took,
As clerkes finden written
In their book.
Nor had the apple taken been,
The apple taken been,
Then had never our Lady
A-been heaven's queen.
Blessed be the time
That apple taken was!
Therefore we may singen
Deo gracias!"
[an ancient Christmas verse]

Merry Christmas!

Nancy said...

Apple, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you find that Santa gave you all the gifts you wished for. I especially hope for health for you this year and success with your genealogy efforts. You are very genersou to think of all your friends. Blessings to you.

Tipper said...

Apple-I kinda feel like I've been a bad girl this year too-just not had the right attitude about life. I wish for me and you both to get back into our groove thang : )And if you got that time turner-I need to borrow it!