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A Number of Answers, Phelps Citizen 1889

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

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Three branches of my family were all in Ontario County, New York in the early 1800's, with the Hall's and Glover's settling in the town of Phelps at Oaks Corners. In celebration of the town's centennial the Phelps Citizen ran many pieces about the early history. I have been transcribing items as I have time. Other transcriptions may be found here.


The Phelps Citizen.
Thursday, April 11, 1889, page 1, column 1

A Number of Answers.

Editor Citizen - In your issue of April 4, I nuts [sic] an article from Mr. Theron VanAuken, making some inquiries about the early pioneers of Phelps, and requesting ansmwers from any persons can give the,

I will give as far as I am able some of the names and their history. There were three Glovers with whom I was acuainted, viz. Philander who lived at Melvin Hill, on the south side and close to the road. Alexander, whose home was, I think, on what is now known as the Ishmael Lane farm. Another was Williamson Glover who learned the trade of sadler of E. D. Redfield, in this village. I recollect that two or three fingers had been cut off one of his hands. In after years he was prominent as singer in the choir of the church at Oaks corners. Since writing the above, I learn that Williamson and Stillman and another brother whose name I don't recollect were brothers of Alexander and Philander.

Abram D. Spoor was a son-in-law of J. Decker Robison, and lived on the Palmyra road, about half mile east of the bridge at Gypsum. The place has since been known as the peer tavern.

Mathew Denniston lived in a small house between the Simmons corner and the cemetery as you come north. Afterwards I was acquainted with a family of Dennistons who lived wast of Oaks Corners, a mile or more. There were three sons. This was probably the same family, having moved from their first location.

Thaddeus Collins lived in the old house on Major Hopkins' farm, in which Enoch Crosby lived for many years. Mr. Collins moved to Wayne county, where his descendants now live, and are prominent people.

W. N. Loomis lived about half a mile north of the Crittenden corner, or the old Indian castle. Years ago a long row of white mulberry trees stood before the house.

Joel Thayer lived at Oaks Corners, and either had a store or kept the Oaks Inn. Afterwards he moved to this village, and in company with his twin brother, Levi Thayer, opened a store, and built the first brick store in the village. It stood about wher Hawks' store is, was long known as Cutler and after as the Joseph Jones store. The firm was long known as J. & L. Thayer. The store was painted yellow.

Lackey Morrow lived on what is known as the James Pritchard farm, about two miles north=east of Orleans, was till his death an elder in the church in Phelps village. He died in Michigan, July 9, 1840, while on a visit to his children. Buried in old cemetery, Phelps.

About 1819 or 1820, John Partridge with his son-in-law, Theodore Paretridge, and Dwight Partridge brother of Theodore, came from Hatfield, ______, to Phelps, and built the long building on the north-east corner of Main and North Wayne street, now owned by Miss Hattie McPherson, and started a store in the front part, and John and Theodore occupied the rear dwelling, and Dwight lived in a house on the south side of the road nearly opposite. Upon the death of Dwight shortly afterward, the store was discontinued, and Theodore entered the service of Bartle, Norton & McNeil, and later went with their branch store to Newark. Went into the insurance business, became Judge Partridge, and went to Richmond, Va.

Mr. Trowbridge lived east of Oaks Corners, two or three miles, and a little north of the old Taylor Inn.

Roswell Baker lived on the farm now owned by Russel B. Cobb, joining the old Kelley farm on the south.

Nathaniel Merrill, a former well known citizen of Phelps. the war of 183 to 1815 found him a resident of Sodus Point, but when the Brotish raided that place, Mr. Merrill was burnt out. He then came to Phelps and for a while lived, I think, in our village, afterward he occupied the house on the north-east corner of the Oaks Corners road and the Seneca castle road. Again he was living in a house on the rise of ground south of the brick school house south of Oaks Corners. The Hammond house now. Afterwards he lived in Geneva, and probably died there.

Cornelius Westfall was the father of the late Albert, Benjamin and Smuel Westfall. Was Captain of a rifle company. Was in the war of 1812 15, and was killed.

Joseph Hall lived in the house long known as the Chester Webster house; He had a tannery and shoe shop.

A man named Howell, yeras ago kept an Inn east of Simmons' corners, on the premises known as the Swift place, but I cannot recall Hollands Inn, mentioned in Mr. VanAuken's communication.

Polodore B. Wisner lived on the high land just north of the Castle Brook bridge, where the Maxwells now live.


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