Monday, October 24, 2011

Stay Away From the Water - Part 2

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

Amanuensis Monday, hosted by John Newmark at Transylvanian Dutch.

Last week I shared the sad tale of the drowning of Frederick Grabowski. Thirteen years later the family was to loose a child to the water. Emil Grabowski was born November 1895 in Syracuse, New York to John Grabowski and Rosa Schmidt. He was the nephew of Frederick and grandson of Andrew Grabowski and Helena Schonafski.

The Telegram, Monday August 3, 1903, page 12


Emil Grabowski Was Fishing With a Companion When He Fell In

Emil Grabowski, 7 years old, of 1004 North State street, was drowned in the Oswego canal at the foot of Court street about 3:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The boy was fishing off the canal bank when he lost his footing and slipped into the water.

Frank Smith, 6 years old, was with the Grabowski boy when the accident ocourred [sic]. The two boys were standing close together and when his companion fell into the water the Smith boy became scared and ran home and told his parents.

Hart's, McCarthy's and Wenz's undertaking wagons were soon on the scene. The body was recovered shortly before 7 o'clock by Undertaker Wenz. While the undertakers were dragging for the body a large crowd gathered. One man was standing on a log watching the proceedings when some one moved the log and the man fell in the water. He was rescued without any difficulty.

The Grabowski boy's father was killed at Cazenovia a year ago last winter. The boy is survived by his mother and a smaller brother.

The Post Standard, Syracuse, N.Y., Monday Morning. August 3, 1903, page 6


Emil Grabowski Slips Into the Oswego Canal


Frank Smith, Aged 9, Has Difficulty in Making Parents Understand That His Companion Is Lost

With a fishing line wound around his hand, the body of 7 year old Emil Grabowski, of 1604 North State street, was pulled out of the Oswego canal by Henry Lueberman, Undertaker Frank C. Wenz' assistant, at 6:45 o'clock last night. Three undertakers dragged the canal bottom with grappling hooks for two hours before the body was located and brought to the shore.

"They've got him," shouted someone in the crowd and with this everyone surged forward resulting in another person being precipitated into the water. A man living in ear street was standing on a small log on the canal bank when somebody stepped on the other end, turning over the log and throwing him into the water. He got a good dunking, but was immediately rescued by Mr. Lueberman.

Young Grabowski started out early yesterday to visit Frank Smith, the _ year old son of Frederick Smith of Turtle dtreet. Yesterday afternoon the boys started on a fishing trip. With their poles and lines they went to the Oswego canal, near Court street, and directly back of George Zett's stables, where the Grabowski boy slipped and fell in.

Playmate Notifies Parents.

There was no one nearby to rescue him and the Smith child ran home to tell his parents. It was with difficulty that he made it clear that his playmate had fallen into the water and was drowning, but all that could be found of the missing lad was his hat, which was floating on the surface of the water.

Hatr's and McCarthy's undertaking rooms were notified and there was a lively race between the ambulances through North State street. They were called to about the same time - 5 o'clock. After dragging nearly two hours they gave up the task and were uncertain if the boy was drowned or was only missing. Undertaker Wenz had also been notified of the drowning and sent his men to the scene. They were more successful, securing the body after a few minutes work.

The Grabowski child's father also had a tragic death. He was employed by the People Ice Company and about eighteen months ago, while assisting in filling the company's ice house on Cazenovia lake, was struck on the head by a crank from a piece of machinery and almost instantly killed.

Neighbors gather about the home of the child's mother, Mrs. Rose Grabowski, last night, and endeavored to console her, but with little success. Of the family which consisted of four less than two years ago there are now living Mrs. Grabowski and a son about five years old. The body of the older brother is at Wenz undertaking rooms in North Salina street, where it will remain until funeral arrangements are completed.


Sheri Fenley said...

How tragic. I don't know that I could ever bear the loss of one of my sons - and compounded by the loss of her husband so recently - I think it would have tipped me over the edge.

Thanks for sharing the stories Apple

Joan said...

Definitely, Stay Away From The Water! And news aaccounts were so colorful in those days. Unfortunately, those were tuff times for that family.

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Such a sad story- yes- stay away from the water.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this. my great grandfather was Henry Lueberman and this was an unknown story in our family history. - Sharon Satterlee