Thursday, January 19, 2012

McDonald's First Drive Thru?

You never know when or where you'll run into family history. My husband and I went to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge today and the sign below was in one of the trail parking lots.

I tells of the family that once lived here and how they lost their land to the government for Kennedy Space Center. I didn't transcribe all of it, just this part that caught me off guard and made me laugh.

Doctor and Mrs. George McDonald, cracker farmers, lived about 1.2 mile east of here. They raised chickens and sold eggs from a drive-thru window of their home.


GrannyPam said...

yup, funny.

PalmsRV said...

Interesting find!

Unknown said...

Very interesting. Where'd they find cracker plants?

Dorene from Ohio said...

What a neat fact to learn!!