Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly Rewind

The week got away from me so I'm a day late but I figure better late than never.

I spent hours and hours chasing down leads, answering emails and sorting Berry's in the Cotswolds. Ask my husband and he'll tell you that I spent too much time in front of my computer. (He's right, but shhhh, I'd never tell him that.) Despite the number of hours I spent searching my writing muse is still missing.

I managed to read quite a bit too.

First up is a post from a garden blogger that most of you aren't familiar with. It's not far past Christmas and Lost Roses had shared some heirlooms and memories - Christmas tree as memorabilia cache? I think Dad's baby shoes may find a new home with my Christmas decorations.

If you have ancestors that worked in the coal mines, or even if you don't, check out Nancy's post, Once a Miner, Twice a Breaker Boy - Tuesday's Tip at My Ancestors and Me. Nancy provides some background on breaker boys and several great tips to learn more.

Harold Henderson of __ had a GREAT guest post at, Learn from Experts Series, with Climbing The Spiral Staircase: Learning Genealogy. I love his analogy to a spiral staircase! Do not miss his tips.

At Family Archeologist, Linda Gartz discovered an unpleasant part of US history with War and Bigotry! I know my husband's family experienced a bit of this.

Kathy Reed shared a humorous tale, Things We Take for Granted, at Family Matters. Once again I know that my husband's ancestors had similar experiences and I know I'd be lost when I travel if I couldn't find someone who speaks English. (But others have found my attempts at Spanish hilarious.)

TV’s Castle Can Help Solve Your Genealogical Mystery. Skeptical? Donna Pointkouski makes the case at What's Past is Prologue.

Photography buffs will enjoy Susan Thomas' post,  WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY'S PHOTOS - The 1848 Cincinnati Riverfront Panorama at Climbing the Branches of My Family Tree.

Bill West found a letter from 1825 and received permission to publish it on his blog, West in New England. A LETTER FROM RETURN ELLINGWOOD JANUARY 1825 gives a bit of insight into the life of a single woman from nearly 200 years ago. It also brings up questions of how well families managed to stay in touch as people started moving west.

I love the Old Fulton Post Cards site and while there are a few papers from outside of New York I never thought much about using it to research events out of state. Dorene at Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay set me straight with Sandusky References at the Fulton History Website.

With my passion for gardening I enjoyed reading The Carringer Gardens in 1935 at Randy Seaver's, Genea-Musings. Through the news article he found I can picture the garden layout and the fish swimming lazily.

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Nancy said...

Thank you, Apple, for the mention. I appreciate it. Thanks also for the other suggestions.