Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Need a Wife? Send for a Glover!

My gr-great grandfather, Daniel Carlisle, married Louisa Lambert Glover abt 1830 in Ontario Co, NY. There they had two children before moving on to Orleans Co, NY where they had two more. In 1839 they moved to Cass Co, MI where three more children were born. Louisa died between 1850 and 1852. She was the second of eleven children of David and Tamesin (Hall) Glover. The eleventh child was Hannah Lewis Glover and when her sister died she married her brother-in-law to raise her nieces and nephews.

Daniel Carlisle's sister, Mahala, married Asa W Reed in 1822 as his second wife. They had four children and moved to Ohio where Mahala died about 1835. In 1836 Asa married Susannah Grout Glover, daughter of Edward L. and Ruth (Grout) Glover and first cousin of Louisa and Hannah Glover. Asa Reed's first wife was Lucy Loomis. Susannah's brother, Erastus Glover married Matilda Loomis. I'm not sure what Lucy and Matilda's relationship was.

Osee Crittenden, Jr was the son of Osee and Lydia (Reed) Crittenden. He managed to marry three different Glover's and it took me awhile to get them straightened out. He married 1st, Sarah Salisbury Glover, daughter of Alexander and Sarah (Salisbury) Glover. Four short years and two children later Sarah died.

Osee waited over three years to marry again, which I found surprising as he had two very young sons. His second wife was Rachel Glover, daughter of Gamaliel and Tabitha (Beale) Glover. Rachel's parents and several members of her family died of a "fever" in 1798 so Rachel lived with her Uncle and Aunt, Alexander and Sarah. (Alexander and Sarah also had a daughter named Rachel and that confused things for awhile. Rachel is not mentioned in Alexander's probate records so I guess she died young but I have not found a burial record for her either.) Osee's 2nd wife died after producing another six children.

He remarried quickly this time. Less than a year after Rachel died he took as his 3rd wife Pentha Glover, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca (Stewart) Glover. Thomas Glover was the son of Gamaliel and Tabitha making Osee his brother-in-law, so Osee married his 2nd wife's niece. They had an additional five children and Pentha lived to a ripe old age.

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