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Ella McKinnon to Annie Carlisle Jan 19, 1913

Mapleton Minn
Jan 19th 1913

Dear Cousin
Well I have begun at last to answer your letter but as I am in no very big writing mood tonight I may not write such a very long letter but felt as if I just had to write some letters as I am behind with all my correspondents.

You asked what Myrtle’s husband did and his name so I will tell you. His name is Birchard Cumming and he has a farm about 7 ½ miles from Mapleton and is a very successful farmer and a very nice man all around. I or rather we think she has done well if she did wait a good while

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before finding the right man they seem to be well mated of about the same age he being about 6 mo. older than she is so if they both live they will grow old together

We had beautiful weather for Christmas too but rather cold although not so cold as some years and just enough snow so that a sleigh would run. There were two of our children that were not here and we missed them. Belle could not have long enough vacation to come and John was too far away but Myrtle & her husband were here so we had 9 here to dinner. then one of Deette’s girls are out here visiting and she was here in the afternoon (her ^Deettes oldest ^ boy lives here town)

Well Annie I do not see as my work is much less only not so heavy I don’t seem to get much time for fancy


work or much sewing of any kind especially in winter I have a lot of calico blocks cut out that I would like to get pieced up but do not get much done we do not get up very early and then as the two youngest are in school yet I have to get three meals a day and it takes a good deal of time. but I must try and get at it now as the days are longer and get some thing done. I have a dress to make now too would like to get it done this week I I could but dont believe I can as Ella is not at home & and I do not know when she will be she went out in the country on a visit but did not intend to be gone only a week but the weather

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maybe so she cannot get here.

We had such nice weather until New Years since then it has been cold but not so very bad but it was so warm before it seems cold now but last year it was far worse. we have had very little sleighing yet and now I do not believe we will have. but the roads a fine for wheels.
Where is Joseph now? he said he was coming to see me again but I ave not seen him yet. Give him my respects when you see him again.

I will say Goodnight as I have told you all I can think of that will interest you.
Ever your Cousin

Deette Hall Bullen's oldest son was Earl R. Bullen 1880-1920. He married Edith Myrtle Taylor in Mapleton, MN on 1 January 1903. By the 1920 census they had moved well north to Pliny, Aikin Co, MN. You have to wonder if he chose to settle in Mapleton because his Aunt Ella and Uncle Jake were there.

Deette's oldest daughter was Lois E. Bullen 1885-1941. She was still single in 1913.

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