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Tamerson L Carlise, Feb 26, 1899

In this letter from Tamerson to Anna, Tamerson is missing her mother and wishing that Grandma was doing better and could come home with Anna.

She also mentions having gone to her friend Cora's for ice cream and cake, and that another friend, Edna, also went.

Anna's son, Frank was set to Cuba during the Spanish American War and Tamerson writes:
Frank sent us 11 pictures of different places in Cuba.

Jennie Churchil has got three letters from Frank in the past week and he sent her a piece of the Maine. Would you like to have us send you the letter he sent us?

She also talks about the weather and not attending Sunday school due to the mud.
We are having a regular flood here in some places the roads are so bad that the water goes from one house to another in large puddles and the water goes up to the hubbs on the wheels of wagons and this morning when Tambling's Milk wagon went in front of McKays the water got inside of the wagon for it is so low.

I have not located Jennie Churchill on the 1900 census. I don't know what her relationship was to Frank at the time.

On the 1900 census I find a Cora L White, born February 1889 but I'm not certain this is the Cora mentioned.

Based on the 1900 census, Edna is most likely Edna A Kean, born August 1887, the daughter of widow Florence, born June 1855. They lived on Moccasin Ave, Buchanan which would was the block that the Carlisle house backed up to. (Kean's lived just a couple of house from Jay Glover, a Carlisle cousin.)

Claude B McKay, widower, born December 1867, lived on Cauyga St and he had a daughter named Edna who was born June 1893.

In 1900 Robert S. Tambling, born April 1852, was listed as a farmer and dairyman.

For more see:
Camfield Family Letters
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GrannyPam said...

We're getting a ton of rain in southeastern lower Michigan right now, and things are wet, even with good drainage systems. I"ll have to ask my daughter how it is over on the west side of the State.

Without modern roads, I imagine it was a nightmare in 1899.