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Etola Robinson, Jan 3, 1900

Jan 2nd 1900

Daniel Carlisle Buchanan Mich

Dear Friend: I write to you last not because you are last or because I think less of you but because it just hapens so. I was to sleepy when I finished Tamersons letter last night to attempt yours so will see what I can do for you this evening.

I was delighted to get your letter it is the first I have had from you you know, and so glad to hear you have a good Teacher you have been so unfortunate in your Teachers here to fore. I shall expect a fine school repoart for you this year What in the world does Charlie Marble do if he can not play? how does he manage to put in his time. I expect you are happy if you have a

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dog but his jumping qualities do not seem to be very great is he an old dog or only a pup? I suppose you will have him trained to drive. hope poor pussy will have a rest now or is she as much afraid of him as she is of Voorhee's cat? Wish I could read your Christmas books I get hungry for something to read, never have goten a library card here.

you are doing well to get $1.00 this winter I suppose you have paths to make now but that is good for your muscle do you skate any this winter or are your feet not big enough for your skates yet. I suppose you and Clint are as good friends as ever __

The woman below just handed me up a

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package and when I opened it I was delighted to find some beauty pins just what I have been wanting all the winter they are very pretty ones too and I am ever so much obliged for them. I want to say give Clint my best but I guess I cut it up short. well I guess that is all for this time so

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good by and a happy new year to you write soon

Yours with love

Charley M Marble was born Mar 1886, the son of Isaac and Dora Marble, per the 1900 census. He must have been one of Daniel's schoolmates.

Joseph and Elizabeth Vorhees / Voorhees lived next to Etola Robinson's family on Moccasin Ave and behind the Carlisle's.

Clint W Voorhees was born Apr 1885, the son of Charles and Maggie Voorhees per the 1900 census. They lived on Main St, next door to the Carlisle's.

EDIT 19 May 2010 - Clint Voorhees was Toley's nephew. Her sister was Elizabeth Robinson Voorhees and her son, Charles Voorhees was Clint's father.

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