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Etola Robinson, March 19, 1900

Monday Morning 3 - 19 - 1900 (306)

Miss Tamerson Carlisle:

Dear Friend.

I recd your letter some time ago and I suppose you think I might have writen before this time and it does look that way but realy I do not know what I am going to write now.

I guess I must tell you anout the school entertainment I went to while I was in the country. it was given in the evening and they had a stage fixed up clear acrost one end of the school house with dressing rooms and all cutained of. the mane thing was a play about a baby girl that was cast on shore from a wrecked ship and was brought up

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by the fisherman who picked her up there was a donkey in it by the name of pepper she said he was "the spice of the family" it was very well played and then they had sesitations and singing it was fun to see one little teanty boy speak he opened his mouth so wide and it seemed as though he would never get it shut again and another did not know his piece very well and he twisted his head around in great shape trying to get the woards out. and one little girl spoke beautifully all togather I enjoyed it very well. I went to church last night with Mrs. Northrope (the lady who lives below) there were not more than 20 people there and and many of them were children there are so many catholic people on this side of the river that the protestants do not stand much show.

How does your Father like the way the election went this spring? it pleases me all right. How is Daniels dog coming has he traned him to drive yet?

you do not know how I should like to see you all but I do not know when I can

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well maby you can come over hear this summer and then we will have a good time.

I can not think of any more to write this time so will close write soon send a big letter with love to all I am yours

Etoley Robinson

In 1900 Toley wass enumerated as Luola Robison age 42. She was a roomer in the home of George and Bertha Northam, in South Bend, The other roomer in the household was Amelia Gosline, age 27. So I do not know what the correct name of of Toley's landlord.

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