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Etola Robison, Mar 18, 1900

March 18th 1900

Mrs. Anna Carlisle Buchanan

Dear Friend: I have to apoligese for not answering your letter sooner and am ashamed of it but have been away from home nearly three weeks. thought I would write there but there was so much going on that I could not do it. have been out to Mrs. McCombs' sisters doing some work for her.

Hazle McComb is staying with her while her Father and mother is away I came home thursday and Hazle was then staying home from school because of having a cold but I heard from there to day and it has developed into the Measles.

I wonder if you remembered that this

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is Mother's birth day? Thursday will be Fathers and just 33 years since we moved from this state to Buchanan I can see myself a child of 9 years siting by the side of Celia on the seat with the driver in front of a load of goods and she and I laughing at his queer manner of driving. then we stoped by some stream to eat our lunch and Mother had boilled a while ham and you can imagine how good it was.

has this not been the coldest March you ever seen? this morning was beautiful but about noon it began to rain it is still raining Bell was over to see me yesterday morning said she was going over home in the afternoon. they expected Libbie last week but I do not know if she came or not.

yes I have been over to see Lillie. her husband was laided up with a feavor sore on his leg she was feeling cind of blue. I rced the papers you sent and am much obliged I suppose Clint got well all right.

Well Anna I shall have to close for I can

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not think of any more to write I wonder if you will not be over before long Rose and I have been looking for you all winter we thought you would come I want so much to see you. give my love to Mrs. C. sen'ior and to all of my folks write soon and a long letter don't forget that O every littl eitem is news to me from your friend

Etoley Robinson

I struck out with the 1900 census trying to find Hazel McComb.

Clint Voorhees lived next to the Carlisle's and was a friend of Daniel's. EDIT 19 May 2010 - Clint Voorhees was Toley's nephew. Her sister was Elizabeth Robinson Voorhees and her son, Charles Voorhees was Clint's father.

Lillie must have been Lillian M Carlisle (b. 1869), daughter of Orville and Julia and niece to Ashley and Anna. She was married to Thomas O Ghrist (b. 1863), 21 July 1889. At the time of the 1900 census they were living in Penn Twp, St Joseph County, Indiana, which includes the eastern part of South Bend and part of the city of Mishawaka. Toley seemed to be friends with all of the Carlisle's relatives.

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