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Mary Frances Carlisle, Oct 19, 1909

The next letter was from Anna's daughter-in-law, Mamie, in Royal Centre, IN. She was enjoying having Tamerson visit. She had bought a "rat" and Tamerson had fixed into her hairdo and they were having a good laugh.

She shared the following family news:
Dorothy is walking all over and thinks it great fun. She can run after the kitty which is her chief amusement. Mani a has moved back to Fort Wayne and likes it there ever so much. Belle is getting on nicely. Wish she could come home again this year. Our church recalled Francis for another year, increasing his salary $200.00 and Promising to remodel the church after some plans he drew which will cost nearly a thousand dollars. He has wanted very much to go to Porto Rico this fall but I will not go. We are afraid the urls are going to win in the Local Option deal next month. There are as caloous here and we dread there coming in so much. I was alfully disappointed not to go to the Convention. It has made me real homesick to have been up twice and Tamerson come down. We are having a real good time. Frances is doing fine in school this year. Sewell is asking such questions that no one can answer. They talk constantly of their visit to Buchanan and think they have told us every time any one sneezed surely all the rest. It was a great thing for them.
Dorothy Jeanne Carlisle was born 5 July 1908, Chicago, IL.

Mani a? Couldn't really make this part out.

Belle was Mamie's sister, Clara Belle Carlisle Sewell. By the 1910 census she had moved from Georgia to Nashville, TN.

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Carlisle, Mary Frances (Royal Centre, IN) to “Dear Mother”
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Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,]
Snowville, New York. 2010.
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Randy said...

Just a couple quick observations:
It was fascinating to see a mention of URLs in such an old letter.
Also Royal Center is near (one of my many) home(s). Rarely is seen the spelling Centre.


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Hi Randy,

I didn't stop to think about the spelling. I guess I sould go back and fix the source citations. In the letters they spell it Centre.

I'm sure urls stood for something or was a misspelling but when I tried to find out what it meant I of course only found references to web addresses.

Thanks! Apple