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Tamerson L Carlisle, October 9, 1909

Rather than return home to Buchanan, Tamerson's travels continued. In her last letter she mentioned that her brother, Frank, and family would be visiting South Bend. It seems they did and that she returned to Royal Centre, IN with them.

She spends a lot of time complaining about the stores in Royal Centre and Logansport, IN. She was doing some sewing for her niece, Frances Carlisle. The rest of the letter tells of her trip to Logansport and the little, inconsequential things that she is doing to fill her time. She still is unsure when she will return home.

There was very little news of family and friends:
O. I forgot to say I met Carrie Voorhees in S.B. and she didn't know me but perhaps I told you in my letter from there. Does Mrs. Gosline look any better or didn't she have them yet. Frank was over anxious to hear what you had to say and stated he had written to you yesterday. Also he was very sorry he did not think to send grandmother a card on her birthday. Am glad she had a good time that day. would have liked to have seen the new dress and rest but suppose there will be a chance for part of it. She still manages to get a few cards + letters each year. I have some view cards of Logan and 4 of here I will bring home for you folks to see.

She had mentioned Mrs. Joseph Vorhees in her last letter.

Etola Robinson's sister, Sarah, married Peter Gosline. "or didn't she have them yet." I'm not certain what exactly Tamerson means. What little I have on the Gosline family can be found here.

Sarah Ann always loved to have a new dress!

The mention of the view cards brought back memories for me as the stereopticon viewer was still in the parlor of the Carlisle family home in the late 1960's when we visited. I remember I fascinated by it and my mother kept admonishing me to be careful with it as it was very old.

For more see:
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Carlisle, Tamerson Louisa (Royal Centre, IN) to “Dear Mother”
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Joan said...

I always enjoy your transcriptions of letters. I know that task is a labor of love.

A question, if you don't mind. When you took pictures of the letters, did you use a tripod, or what other paraphanalia?

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Hi Joan - It is a labor of love! I used just a basic, nothing special digital camera and nothing else. I wrote an article about it for Shades of the Departed last year. I had planned to get photo copies and took the camera because my blogging friends said I should. I was quite unprepared for the size of the collection. I really wish I had practiced photographing documents before I went but I did OK and took some duplicates and some closeups. I have to go back for the rest and will retake the few I need to.