Tuesday, January 12, 2010

John's Ahnentafel

This is my husband's Ahnentafel. As you can see I have very little information on his lines prior to his ancestors immigration. I am always happy to share what I do have. As I work on my blog index I will link to what I have on each individual.

1. John
2. Harold Francis Grabowski; 1918-1980, Syracuse, NY
3. Florence Nardozzi; 1919-1968, Syracuse, NY

4. Frank James Grabowski, Sr; 1890-1972, Syracuse, NY
5. Mary M. Niemann; 1891-1978, Frankfort, Germany
6. Gennaro Nardozza aka John Nardozzi; 1880-1968, Rionero in Vulture, Italy
7. Angeline Taddeo; 1893-1967, Italy

8. August Grabowski; 1863-1943, Germany
9. Augustina Kleist; 1869-1943, Germany
10. Carl Niemann; unknown, Germany
11. Maria Klotz; abt 1854-1931, Germany
12. Michele Nardozza; unknown, Italy
13. Filomena Capadano; unknown, Italy
14. Bennie Taddeo; unknown, Italy
15. Maria unknown

16. Andrew Grabowski; 1832-1916, Millborg, Germany
17. Helena Schonafski; 1836-1920, Millborg, Germany
18. Martin Kleist; 1835-?, Germany
19. Florentine Justina Peters; 1833-1919, Germany
20-31. Unknown

32. August Grabowski; unknown, Germany

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Anonymous said...

I know when it comes to my Italian great-great grandparents, a trip to Italy is in order! If all goes well (that is, if the military decides they need us in Europe), we'll move to Germany this year, and I'll spend my time visiting Italy as often as possible!

I'll have to look up Rionero and Vulture, Italy, to see where they are. Maybe I can help you find records on your husband's grandparents if I get there!