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Tamerson L Carlisle, Oct 9, 1909

The next letter is from Tamerson, written to let Anna know that she would not be returning home as soon as planned. She was visiting with someone named Minnie who had a baby daughter and a husband named John. Tamerson gave a few other clues as to the family's identity.
Minnie has a dandy place. a flat with upstairs a poarch, hall 3 bed rooms with closets and a nice bathroom and downstairs a parlor large dining room with open stairway a good sised kitchen and pantry and big cellar with furnace. Gas and water furnished and the rent $18.00 with a car line a few doors away. John goes to work about six or seven and comes back about 9 for breakfast. He works whatever hours he wants. The people next door own a livery stable and take her out riding and those across the street have an auto and take her out too so she has it fine. The Gages that used to live in B. live second door and like all the neighbors run out + in so I know all of them.

And: "If you write send my mail 820 Jefferson St"

Initially I searched the 1910 census for Minnie with a husband named John in South Bend. I found one possible match but it just didn't seem right. I next searched for the surname Gage and that led me to the family of Eben Gage at 816 W. Jefferson St. Two families later, at 916 W. Jefferson, were John and Minie Naght or maybe Wight [?] with daughter Dorothy M, age 1m. I can't explain why Dorothy is listed as only 1 month old. There was no livery stable near by, however that could have been a sideline. I wish I could make out the family's name better. Since they are listed two places after Gage's I assume that the numbering on the census is incorrect.

Tamerson also mentions several other people in her letter.
Belle Norris has a 5 months baby. Haven't seen it yet but they say it is thin and not very well. Haven't seen Cora Smith yet and don't suppose I will. Saw Mrs. Jos. Voorhees with Almon + Em Case and she didn't know me. Almon knew me at once + and didn't speak to Em. Saw Carrie Martin and she didn't know me but seemed very glad to see me when she did and wanted me to call. She is on Marietta St. but I don't know where that is. Reba + some girls are over and having a gay time. most too gay perhaps.

In family news she tells Anna that her cousin, Ruby Camfield, is still going with "her Doctor" and Tamerson expects to be invited to the wedding. Family oral history says that Ruby was jilted; she never married. Tamerson also says that her brother, Frank, his wife, Mamie, and their daughter, Dorothy, were expected in South Bend for a visit. Mamie's sister, Lillie Carlisle Ghrist, who lived in or near South Bend was also mentioned
We went to moving pictures Thursday night and the theatre Indiana Friday night Friday P.M. went to the park and saw the balloon go us and also saw Lillie. She had a b__ when she found how long I had been here and not called to see her. Promised to go Monday morning as she said she wanted to see me specially so I suppose I am in for hearing all her troubles. Will not tell her Mamie is coming. She had lost sight of Glen and was hunting for him.

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