Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fashionable to Practical

May (Jarvis) Berry, Thomas Jarvis, Elizabeth (Peter) Jarvis, Charlotte (Hollington, Berry) Sanders, Thomas David Berry. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 1920's (Charlotte's husband, Harvey Harry Sanders, was most likely the photographer)

Thomas David Berry was my grandfather's brother. I initially thought this picture was probably taken on his wedding day in 1922 but after looking at the hemlines and cloche hats the ladies are sporting I not believe that the picture may be from c. 1925-1926. No matter the year, they were a well turned out group!

May's dress is very pretty and has a lot of detail. Her mother, Elizabeth, doesn't look very comfortable in this picture! My great-grandmother, Lottie, was always a fashionable lady, check out the fox tail she is sporting!. Mr. Jarvis is wearing a sport coat and holding a straw hat. Uncle Tom is wearing striped suit and holding a camera. Note that the only person without glasses is May.

Fast forward forty years to Easter 1962 and Tom and May still looked great! They were visiting in Syracuse, NY that spring. Note that May now has a fashionable pair of glasses.
Back: Mom, May (Jarvis) Berry, Tom Berry. Front: Kim Berry with my brother, Dallas and Mary (Kelly) Berry with Moi. (Dad was undoubtedly the photographer)

This next picture is from 1926. Jessie (Hollington) Taylor has on a very nice day dress. I believe the other woman is either her sister, Elizabeth (Hollington) Shouldice or perhaps a cousin (Lilian Hollington Mahley?) and is wearing a very practical day dress.

This picture is from February 1927. Jessie (Hollington) Taylor is holding her grand-nephew, Harvey G. Berry. A nice fur coat, fashionable handbag and I'm certain the hat was in style for the times. Perfect attire for an Ottawa winter!

This last picture is most likely c.1940 and is my grandmother's side of the family. Everyone dressed up for the photo, however great-grandma Kelly kept on her very practical apron!

 Isabelle (Kelly) McKinstry, Kimberly Berry, Isabella (White) Kelly, Mary (Kelly) Berry and unidentified man. c. 1940, most likely Ottawa, Canada.

This was written for the 9th edition of the Canadian Genealogy Carnival: Canadian Fashion Fads, to be hosted by Kathryn Lake at Looking for Ancestors.


GrannyPam said...

Very interesting photos, thanks for posting Apple. The last one reminded me of something my M-in-L said this past week. She had some visitors, and one of the ladies said, "It's been years since I saw anyone wearing an apron!" M-in-L wears a half apron, but she always wears one in the kitchen, and I have never seen her cook without one. My daughter used to call it "Grandma's cooking dress."

Greta Koehl said...

I have a couple of aunts that I love to see old photos of because their clothing choices were always so proper - simple and plain, but very nicely accessorized and beautifully tailored. I'm especially fascinated by 1920s and 1930s era clothes - love the elaborate ones in the pictures here.

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

A very interesting post. I love to look at old (and new) photos and find out about them.

If only I knew more about my line in Canada. I found a picture on the net of what I believe to be my Great Great Great Uncle in Canada.

Steve Danko said...

It's hard to tell, but your great grandmother Lottie may be wearing a whole fox pelt, not just a foxtail! My mother had a fox pelt that looked very similar to the one Lottie is wearing. Gosh, I haven't thought of my mother's fox in years!