Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wm. H. Minchin Journal - Treasure Chest Thursday

I was recently contacted by a distant cousin from a line I hadn't yet discovered! She very generously shared with me the journal in which her great-grandfather (my 2nd great-grand uncle) had recorded much of our family history. So far I have concentrated on just my Kelly line, it will take me weeks to digest and enter all the information in the journal!

On this page is the family of my great-grandfather, James Kelly.

His father, grandfather and other family members are listed on these two pages, along with where they lived and hints about their children.

And if that wasn't exciting enough at the bottom of the page it says, "All the above 9 children of John Kelly were born in Askinfarnie."

So not only do I now know who my 3rd great-grandparents were, I know that they came from Askinfarney, County Wexford, Ireland!


Jo said...

WOW what a wonderful find for you. I think every genealogists hopes for something like this to happen to them. You can count yourself one of the fortunate few. Good luck with your continued research

Carol said...


That birthplace line just gave me the ooeeee genie shivers.


palib said...

What a gift! With Irish records so skimpy this is fantastic! My grandfather came from County Wexford as well. When I visited his birthplace I could not find where his parents were buried. However, I was fortunate to be taken to my grandmother's parents grave by a 2nd cousin.

Enjoy this bit of Irish luck!


Barbara Poole said...

This is indeed a lot of super information. Many "Happy Dances" and I bet you are glad you are home from work so you can spend time with your new information. I'm anxious to learn how this person came about to contact you, if you didn't even know about that line. Very, very happy for you.

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Brilliant! It's so exciting when you discover (or are given) gems like this :)

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

That's just fantabulous! I wish I could have that kind of luck!

Unknown said...
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