Friday, June 4, 2010

Sorting Kelly's in Adams, NY

I have spent the last few of weeks working on my Kelly line. After a cousin shared with me the journal of William Henry Minchin and another Kelly cousin contacted me I was able to make a great deal of progress. I was hoping to be able to visit the Historical Association of South Jefferson and the cemeteries in Adams, NY this month but that is on hold until I can drive again.

Adams, New York is a small town, so figuring out who is who should be easy however Kelly is a very common surname and there were several different John and Mary's, so it is proving a bit difficult. I have been mining the Jefferson County Journal and other local papers at Old Fulton Post Cards, transcribing what I find and then trying to sort articles by which family they belong to. While I was able to fill in much missing information this way some of the information simply led to more questions.

My branch of the family stayed in Adams much longer than the rest. They were all there in 1855 but by 1860 several of them disappear. Knowing that they came through Canada and that many of the Minchin cousins were in Canada it seems logical to look for them there. Having no luck finding them on the free 1861 census indexes that are available I upgraded my subscription to I have found many documents pertaining to my tree but the families whereabouts in 1860-1861 still elude me.

I will continue to dig but meanwhile I will start posting what I have found in hopes of making connections with others that may have some answers. If you are researching Kelly or Kelley in Jefferson County, New York please contact me!

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Seems every answer leads to another question : )