Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spanish American War Pension Index

Military records are free at Ancestry this weekend so I thought I'd pass on a discovery I made this morning. Included in the Civil War Pension Index are records for Spanish American War veterans also. The description of the index gives no indication that Spanish American War veterans are included.

Below is the card for Francis Ashley Carlisle, 1878-1926. He served in the Second Illinois Infantry, Co M. He initially applied for a pension in 1903 while still living in Michigan. His widow applied for benefits on behalf of his young children in 1927. (His wife was Mary Frances Carlisle. Now I have to figure out why she was listed as Mary F. C. Schive on the pension card. On the 1930 census she is listed as Mary Carlisle.)


Carol said...

Not sure I ever realized this, thanks for the heads up. Might have to have a lookie see for a few guys I think served in the Spanish American War.

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Ditto Carol- I'll be looking!