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The Church at Oaks Corners - Part 3

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

Amanuensis Monday, hosted by John Newmark at Transylvanian Dutch.


Part 1 is here. Part 2. The full series is also available at Ontario County GenWeb.

The Phelps Citizen, May 23, 1889
Sessional Records of the Church at Oaks Corners
(Continued from last week)

List of members of the Union Religious Society of Phelps, Located at Oaks Corners, with time of their admission:

Names Dates

Julia Ann Bush, 1826
Adeline Warner,
Sarah Glover,
Caroline Whipple,
Rhoda Wright,
John W. Klepeattle
Laura Strong,
Selah B. Wilder,
Tobias W. Stoutenburg, 1827
Mary Hill,
Maria VanFleet,
Betsey Burt,
Erastus Burt,
Caroline Porter,
Thankful Glover, [sic]
Betsey Brower,
Richard VanVranken, 1828
Esther VanVranken
Martha Maria Flynn,
Lemuel Trussdale Nichols,
____________ Bevier,
Oris Frazer,
Catherine Frier,
M. Frazer,
Betsey Goodale, 1829
Ann Frazer,
Mrs. Kniffen,
Rufus Goodale,
Mary Ann Glover, 1831
Elvira Armstrong,
Mrs. Morse,
Nancy Moody,
Julius Babcock,
John Wright,
Lucy Wright,
David Pies,
Eleanor Pies,
Catherine Brower,
Maria Brower,
Phoebe Brower,
John Brower,
Frederick Brower,
Betsey Brower,
Abigal Brower,
Julia Hinman,
Charlotte Hinman,
Lydia Hinman,
Lydia Webster,
Ann Eliza Case,
Peter Bruzee,
Reuben W. Stevens,
Dudley L. VanAuken,
Lucinda Crittenden,
Mary N. Doty,
Chloe Humphrey,
Mrs. Roaman Cooper, 1832
Mrs. Philomela Cooper,
David S_tfris,
Lois Cooper,
Rachael Burnett
Rousona Bainbridge,

This finishes up to the time that the church was organized at Vienna.


John Melvin and Catherine Flint, 1815 [or 1816 very hard to read]
Imley Prescott and Maria Cross,
Stuart Parker and Charlotte Gates,
Rufus Streeter and Orpha Brusee
Desbrow Taylor and Mary Jacobs,
Noah Crittenden and Mrs, Shattuck, 1817
Freeman Robers and Rebecca Woolson,
Kellogg and Wetmore,
Robert Halliday and Rhoda Ward,
Thomas Smith and Pamelia Landon,
Wm. Hubbard and Sopia Gates
W. Partridge and Miss Crum
J. Hovey and Polly Harris
Joseph Annis and Sally Widham
Lettie Paine and Salome Phillips,
Daniel Trowbridge and Sally Blenplay
Andrew Haville and Jane Miller,
John Elman and Esther Olmstead,
Thomas Annis and Sarah Brace, 1818
H.D. Williams and Mary A. Bardwell,
John Turnbull and Mary Cahonen,
John Humpgrey and Pollina Wiggins
Eli Dickinson and Mary Pullen,
Name obliterated and Dolly Dickinson,
Daniel Gates and Maria Boyd,
Wm. Parmalee and Atherine Wright, 1819
Harvey Dean and Mary Crosby,
Carpenter and Smith,
Hugh Humphrey and Phoebe Wiggins,
Nathan Raid [or Rald or Bald] and Sally Chase
Daniel Shattack and Chloe Crittenden,

Many of the above names were obliterated and consequently there will be mistakes.

These marriages were all performed by the Rev. Charles Mosher during his pastorate from 1816 to 1819.

There seems to be no record of marriages during the incumbency of pastors Brace and Strong.

It is exceedingly desirable, in this, our centennial year, that as much of our town's past history as possible may be preserved.

An original Town Historical Society with a paid Secretary, would be the proper thing, to insure thorough work and permanency, with preservation of records.

We thus close the hasty glance of our early religious history, and cannot but admire the sturdy manhood, and strict Integrity tenacity of purpose, and conscientious devotion to religious principles, of the noble men and women, who founded and left unto us so rich a heritage.

It would be befitting as we take leave of the century, to erect a suitable monument to their memory, so that in the generations to come, it may be said that we were not "degenerate sons of Noble ancestry." and we enter upon another century, may we be stimulated to higher and nobler endeavors, ever sustaining the right and condemning the wrong, reaching out to a pure and ennobling citizenship.


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