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Family of Reuben E Glover

I thought I would wrap up what I have learned about the family of Reuben E Glover. There is still much I do not know but at this time I do not have the means to pursue the the records needed to fill in the gaps. By using a time line format I hope to highlight what I have found and what I am lacking.

All three of Reuben's children appear to have died young. George before the age of 13. Lewis lived for a time at the Willard Asylum for the Insane and I believe died before he was 30. I've already written of the sad end of daughter, Alice at the age of 27. Unless Lewis had a child there were no other desendants of Reuben and Charlotte Glover.

1815 - Reuben E Glover was born Dec 22 in Phelps, Ontario, New York
He was the son of David Glover and Tamesin Hall. His date and place of birth come from unverified family records. David Glover is found on both the 1810 & 1820 census records of Phelps.

1826 - The Glover family relocates to Orleans County, New York.
This date is based on a biography of Hannah L Glover Carlisle, Reuben's youngest sister. In 1830 David Glover was found in Gaines, Orleans, New York with one male age 10-15, assumed to be Reuben.

1840 - So far I have not located him.

1850 - So far I have not located him or his father or brother, Milton.
Three of his sisters were still in Orleans County, New York. Brother, William, was in LaGrange County, Indiana. The remaining family members in St Joseph and Cass Counties, Michigan.

c. 1853 Reuben married Charlotte Ainsworth.
Charlotte was the daughter of Thomas and Elsie Ainsworth. She was born about 1834 or 1835. In 1850 she was 16 and living in the home of W.(?) W. Curtiss  in Alabama, Genesee, New York, which is just south of Orleans County.

c. 1854 - Birth of son, Lewis Edward Glover in (Western) New York.

1855 - Niagara City, Niagara, New York
Niagara Falls Gazette
Notice is hereby given that the firm of R. & L.E. Glover, is this day dissolved by mutual consent.
Reuben Glover
Lewis E. Glover
Niagara City, March 1, 1855
[On the same page is an add for a painter that says, "The subscriber having established himself one door north of Glover's Hotel, Niagara City, N. Y.]

c. 1857 - Birth of son, George Glover in (Western) New York.

1860 - Birth of daughter, Alice Elizabeth Glover on January 29. 
Suspension Bridge, Niagara, New York. The family appears on the 1860 census in Niagara, Niagara, New York. Reuben's occupation in listed as Cooper. He had real estate valued at $2,000 and personal estate valued at $500.

c. 1860 -1870 - Death of son George.
George does not appear with family on the 1870 census.

1863 - Reuben's brother, Lewis E. Glover died in Niagara, Niagara, New York.
Reuben was named an executor of his Lewis' estate.

1870 - Suspension Bridge, Niagara, New York.
The census shows Reuben, Charlotte, Lewis and Alice. It is presumed that George had died. Reuben was listed as Cooper, real estate valued at $2,000, personal estate valued at $1,000. Lewis had a personal estate of $600 even though he was only 16. His occupation was given as "works at coopering." Alice, at the age of 10 had a personal estate of $1,000.

1878 - Suspension Bridge, Niagara, New York
Niagara Falls Gazette, Wednesday, February 20, 1878
Local Department
FIRE.- The building known as the Red Slaughter House, near Suspension Bridge, was destroyed by fire Saturday evening. The premises were owned by W. E. Shaffer, who had the building stored with about forty tons of baled hay ready for shipment, a quantity of straw, three hundred newly made apple barrels, a quantity of grain, some fruit, a valuable hay press, a pair of standard scales, new, and a stationary engine for running the press. The barrels belonged to a cooper named Glover. There was no insurance on them. Shaffer’s loss is largely covered by insurance. It is thought that the fire had an incendiary origin.

1880 - Suspension Bridge, Niagara, New York.
Reuben, Charlotte and Alice appear on the index for Suspension Bridge, Niagara, New York. Lewis was found in the Willard Asylum for the Insane, Romulus, Seneca, New York, age 25 Coper [sic]

c. 1880-1887 Death of son Lewis Edward Glover.
Alice's obituary says she was the "only living daughter," since she was the only daughter my working theory is that what was meant was that she was the only living child. In 1900 Charlotte was recorded as having no living children.

1886 - Alice Glover sells property in Niagara Falls.
Gold and silver coins were subsequently found on the property and a lawsuit ensued. Based on the fact that her personal estate was valued at $1,000 in 1870, my best guess is that the property was given to her by her uncle, Lewis E Glover.

1887 - Alice E Glover is married and dies Nov 10.
Sick with typhoid fever, Alice's Baptism, Marriage and Death all occurred on the same day. She was married to Mr. Chase, nowhere in the articles is his first name mentioned. She was said to be the "Only surviving daughter of  Mr and Mrs R E Glover." She was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Niagara Falls, New York.

1887 ? - Death of Reuben E Glover.
I have not found an obituary for him and find that strange. Perhaps the edition of the paper I need was not filmed or the OCR program simply has not found it. The date I have comes from family records.

1891 - Charlotte Ainsworth Glover married John Halbin on October 28.
Niagara Falls Gazette, October 28, 1891 The marriage of Mrs. Charlotte Glover of Suspension Bridge to Mr John Halbin of Buffalo, will take place this afternoon at 5 o'clock at the residence of the bride on Niagara avenue Suspension Bridge. She relocated to 262 Maryland St, Buffalo, New York.

1892 - Buffalo, Erie, New York
Charlotte Halbin, Ward 21

1900 - Buffalo, Erie, New York
Charlotte was listed as "Charlotte G Havlin." Her birth is given as Feb 1837. She was the mother of three children, 0 still living.

1905 - Buffalo, Erie, New York
Indexed at as Charlotte Holbin

1914 - John Hablin died April 8.

1920 - Buffalo, Erie, New York
Charlotte G Halbin found in the index for ward 24, page 20.

c. 1920-1930 Death of Charlotte Ainsworth Glover Halbin
I have been unable to locate Charlotte on the census index for 1930. It is possible the name was mis-indexed or she had remarried.


Lidian said...

I love how you have organized your Glover family research here - I am going to try this with some of my family groups, too :)

Joan said...

Nice recap. Very succinct. Kudos.

Barbara Poole said...

I loved how you did this report. May I ask, how did you do it with the color. Please make it simple, lol. Thanks.
Also, I thought of you with this, that I also sent to Brenda. There is a lot written abt. a Josiah Glover 1814-1897 (Baltimore, MD to Smithfield, Ohio) in this months issue of the Ohio Genealogical Society Quarterly. Are you interested in reading it? If so, please email me.

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Lidian & Joan - Thanks!

Barb - Just highlight the text you want to color from left to right. Then on the tool bar look for the paint brush (to the left of Link). When you click there a little window opens with color choices.

I appreciate the offer on Josiah but I don't think he's one of mine and I have enough trouble sorting out the ones that are!

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Love your time line! Best tool I know of for seeing the gaps and missing info. How sad about your Alice.

Kay said...

I agree with other posters--this format is a clear,concise way to post family data. Thank you for sharing!!

Rachel said...

I believe I may be related to Thomas and Elsie (Fox) Ainsworth. I suspect My 2x great mother and a man named Edwin Ainsworth are brother and sister, Edwin Lived in Newstead Erie co New York, as did Thomas and Elsie, a couple of their Ainsworth children moved to MI and lived close by some of my other ancestors. All my research facts lead to Thomas and Else being my people- but no concrete evidence of HOW I am related..I would love to know what else you may have on Thomas and Elsie.