Monday, January 24, 2011

The Envelope Please!

Jasia has rolled out the red carpet at Creative Gene for the 4th annual iGene Awards.

I would like to thank the Academy of Genealogy and Family History and everyone who has followed along with me! Without further ado here are the winners at Apple's Tree.

Best Picture

The judges just couldn't resist the picture of my granddaughter, Sprout and therefore chose Faces of my mtDNA. Does the fate of our line of mtDNA rest solely with her? Meet her female ancestors as we explore the possiblities.

Best Screen Play / Best Comedy

The judges decided to combine these two categories after reading SNGF - WDYTYA Starring Apple! Follow along as Lisa Kudrow's production team takes on two of my brick walls. I will play myself, however we may have to hire actors to portray my grandchildren as they are holding out for more money! Steve Danko, Lisa Alzo and Dr. Blaine Bettinger have all been cast as themselves. The role of the anonymous professional genealogist is still being cast and suggestions are welcome. (This is actually my personal favorite post of all time - I really had fun with it.)

Best Documentary

The judges had a little more difficulty in this catagory, finally settling on David, Daniel, Donald! Tracking him down through census and newspapers took determination and a couple of creative searches.

Best Biography

The judges immediately chose Sarah Ann Wisner Camfield 1817 - 1912. Sarah's life unfolds in a four part series starting with a time-line and moving through her early, middle and final years. It was written for the 91st edition of the Carnival of Genealogy and I was very honored to be chosen as the featured author.

Best Infomercial

In the unofficial Infomercial category the judges have chosen Winter on the Tug Hill. I was very weak in this category as evidenced by the choice of a repost from 2008. Something for me to think about in the year to come!


Barbara Poole said...

Oh I love these, The Best of. And Apple, I just noticed that your new blog layout/design. It is very nice.

Carol said...


Steve Danko said...

Wait just a minute while I get into character... Thanks for the chance to play a role in WDYTYA!

Susan Clark said...

Stellar performances, all! I thoroughly enjoyed catching up on the posts I missed earlier. A very fine year.

Kristin said...

I enjoyed reading the posts I missed too. and I really like the photo across the top.

Linda Gart said...

Worthy winners all!

Unknown said...

You haven't posted a blog in over a everything ok?