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Mabel Camfield Marsh, 29 May 1911

Windsor, Ont
May 29th 1911

Dear Grandma:-

Your welcome letter received Saturday and you may be sure we were all glad to get such a nice letter from you. Am glad you are so well. how did you like that hot weather we just had? I hope we dont have any more in a hurry.

Vera and I are planning on

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going to South Bend this summer and if we do we will be sure to run over to Buchanan for a day or two I am going to try to get there when the apples are ripe and also the corn. as Vera is a chip off the old block and likes corn on the cob, so tell Uncle Ashley to plant a dozen or two extra hills. How is his health give him my best.

I had a letter from Libby the

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other day. poor thing she has had her troubles. We all get it one way or the other.

I had a letter from Rose Bennette. Mrs Guy Bunkers girl, they are coming to Detroit in June for their vacation Mr Bunker is going to Rochester N. Y. to the chief of Police convention, so they will be over here to see us. I would invite them to stay right here, but haven't the room. I furnished up the up

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stairs rooms for light houskeeping and they have been rented to a young couple since November We have plenty of room left and those extra rooms are bringing us in some cash. I had lots of company last summer and Bunkers were here two years ago.

Wish you were all here to take some boat rides on the river. I think Uncle Ashley and Aunt Ann could come. Bens nephew, Lyle Breeheuser was here a few hours yesterday. Well grandma I must close for this time and will see you soon.

Lots of love to all. Mabel

Mabel was the daughter of Joseph Harrison Camfield and Susan "Rose" Arazina Graham Camfield. The letter was written to her paternal grandmother, Sarah Ann Wisner Camfield. Ben Marsh was Mabel's husband and Vera their daughter.

Uncle Ashley was Isaac Ashley Carlisle and his wife, Aunt Ann, was Sarah Ann Camfield Carlisle.

Libby was Elizabeth Warner Camfield, Mabel's sister-in-law.

I have not researched Rose Bennette or Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bunker. They most likely were residents of either South Bend, IN or Buchanan, MI.

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Marsh, Mabel Camfield (Windsor, Ontario) to “Dear Grandma”
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Privately held by Apple, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,]
Orlando, FL. 2011.
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Greta Koehl said...

Yay - the letters are back! I finally was able to see a few more "ancestral letters" - heard from distant cousins who had copies of a handful of letters written to the cousins' ancestors by a sister of my grandmother who died young when her first child was born. All of my relatives on this side and I were beside ourselves with joy to see them.