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Elizabeth Warner Camfield, 21 October 1912

Libbie's letter was written from Chicago the day after her mother, Laura M Warner, wrote hers to Anna. I found it humorous that she wrote:
Ma will write to you when she gets around to it but its rather hard and she slow for her to write and many to write to, so don't think you are forgotton if it is a little long in coming.
Libbie told of her parents 50th wedding anniversary as follows:
Now Aunt Ann I will try to tell you a little about the Golden Wedding, it began raining Tues. P.M. and kept it up at intervals till Fri., on Wed. it rained at the time people were coming then stopped till after dark, but we had a nice time nevertheless but it probably kept some from going, they expected about 75 but 56 were there I believe. My sister from Neb. included, so that all of the immeadiate family were the together, the first time since Earl was a baby. Four grandchildren were absent, three in Neb. and Earl did not want to leave school so he stayed here, we had our pictures taken and will send you a postal one when we get them, have the same as the postal in large size, also one of just the family. She thot you might like one of the postals. Six of Ma's relatives (cousins) from Ohio were there, one lady's birthday was the following Fri. she was 78. we helped her celebrate it Raymond's. (where Daniel stayed you know). One of her cousins and his wife who were there expect to celebrate their Golden Wedding next Aug. A neice of Ma's from Ohio and a sister of Pa's from Ind. were also there. They rec'd $47.50 in money, Bert Harris said he'd make it $50.00, besides several other things, yours was appreciated as much as any I think. The towel was exceptionally nice we all thot, it was different than anything there because of the "W", except a sofa pillow top sent by our cousin in this city she had 1862 - 1912 worked on it. Some common bordered towels were given, but looked very little beside the other things, which were a fancy cup and saucer gilt lined, a table spread worked in yellow and bows of yellow ribbon on corners, a large box of home made candy, a large glass table set, all gilt. a silver spoon with gold bowk, siver salt + pepper shakers the top of the salt being gold, a fern, a large picture with gilt frame, I guess that was all only - for few - a box of gold dust but it had attached to it a little bag of yellow silk containing a $5.00 gold piece.

She also talked of having visited Pleasant Hill cemetery and the white roses planted on the family graves there. There was some quick news of the family's health, photos that had been taken, sewing and the weather.

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