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Searching for Annie's Parents

This is the last third in a series detailing my research of Annie Katy Hotz (Shimitz) Holmes and her family.

Let's first review what I've already covered in the first two parts of this series.

Mr. Emery Holmes of Iowa City in the County of ---- and State of Iowa of the age of 22 years, and Miss Annie Hutz of Chicago in the County of Cook and State of Illinois of the age of 22 years. Married 18 Jan 1903, Chicago, Cook, Illinois.
(Illinois, Cook County Marriages, 1871-1920,

Annie Hotz, age 6 was found on the 1885 Iowa State census:
Iowa State Census, 1885 @FamilySearch (index only). Highland, Washington, Iowa, page 15, family 79:
Franklin Simitz, age 35
Barbra Simitz, age 38
Mary Simitz, age 4
Mary Hotz, age 9
Anna Hotz, age 6
Rosa Hotz, age 4

Annia Shimitz, age 16 was found on the 1895 Iowa State census:
1895. Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa, Ward 3
Barbra Shimitz, age 49 born Bohemia
Annia Shimitz, age 16 born Iowa City, Iowa
Rosa Shimitz, age 14 born Iowa City, Iowa
Frank Shimitz, age 7 born Iowa City, Iowa
(I found this transcription on the Iowa Genealogy Forum here.).

The Frank Shimitz found with Annie on the 1895 census had a marriage record listing his parents: Frank J Shimitz, age 33 b. Washington County, Iowa, son of Frank Shimitz and Barbara Vrchoticky married 7 Sep 1920, Riverside, Washington, Iowa to Pauline Shebanek, age 30 b. Washington County, Iowa, daughter of Paul Shebanek and Rose Soukup. (Iowa Marriages, 1809-1992 @FamilySearch, Index only.)

Now that we're caught up I expanded my search. I was unsuccessful in my efforts to find Annie Hutz, Annie Hotz or Annie Shimitz (with additional other spellings)  on the 1900 census.

I did find Barbara and Frank Shimitz on the 1900 census:
Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa, Ward 3, ED#84, sheet 10B, family 237.
Barbara Shunitz, self, born Oct 1846 Bohemia, widowed
Frank Shunitz, son, born Mar 1888 Iowa.

On the 1900 census I also learned that Barbara was the mother of 4 children, all 4 still living. This supports my theory that she was the mother of Mary, Annie and Rosa Hotz and Frank Shimitz and step-mother of Mary Shimitz.

A search for Rosa Hotz led to a marriage record. Miss Rose Hotz, age 28 b. Richmond, Iowa, daughter of James Hotz and Barbara Kichoticky married 22 Sep 1908, Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa to Joe Heisner age 29 b. Iowa City, Iowa, son of Joe Heisner and Margaret Meintzer. (Iowa Marriages, 1809-1992 @FamilySearch, Index only.)

Only the first two letters of Barbara's last name differ between Frank's marriage record and Rose's. I believe the error was on Rose's record.

Now that I had the name James Hotz I went to try and find the family on the 1880 census index. I believe I have found them listed as Katz. Since I only have access to the index I can't evaluate the record for myself. The grouping, ages and location all fit.

Lime Creek, Washington, Iowa, page 6C.
James Katz, age 32 b. Czechoslovakia
Barbara Katz, age 29 b. Czechoslovakia
Mary Katz, age 4 b. Iowa
Annie C Katz, age 1 b. Iowa

The next record I found was for the death of James Kotz, age 36 born Bohemia, died 18 Aug 1880 Richmond, Washington, Iowa. (Iowa Deaths and Burials, 1850-1990 @FamilySearch.) Very close name but once again I am stuck working from just an index. Also the age is different by 4 years from the 1880 census which may or may not mean anything. But note that James Kotz died in 1880 in Richmond, Iowa and Rose Hotz was born about 1881 in Richmond, Iowa per her marriage record.

I also found a marriage record for James Hotz to Barbara White on 4 Feb 1874, Johnson County, Iowa. (Iowa Marriages, 1809-1992 @FamilySearch, Index only.) This seems to match up with a couple starting a family about 1875 or 1876 (Mary Kotz) and Johnston County and Washington County are next to each other. However the surname White pretty much threw out my previous theory. Or did it?

I did much fruitless searching and seemed to be stuck. I don't remember exactly what search terms I was using but I chanced upon this link:

LEADING EVENTS IN JOHNSON COUNTY IOWA HISTORY, Pioneer Publishing Co., Chicago, 1911, pages 897-906

By B. Simek (pronounced Shimek)
The nucleus of the Union township colony was formed by Peter Kodl (Cole) and Frank Vrchoticky (usually known as Bily or White), and soon after Thomas Neuzil, Hibl, Hrade, and others from Iowa City and Newport township followed.

I was then able to find Barbara with her parents on the 1870 census.
Clear Creek, Johnson, Iowa, page 13, family 89, all born Bohemia.
Frank White, age 50y
Catharine White, age 53y
Barbara White, age 24y
Mary White, age 19y
Frank White, age 17y
Ann White, age 15y
Joseph White, age 15y
James White, age 11y
Catharina White, age 8y
Rosa White, age 5y

I did not research Barbara's parents any further. For now I am satisfied that Annie was the daughter of James Hotz and Barbara "White" Vrchoticky and step-daughter of Frank Simitz.


Donna Hague Wendt said...

Hi Apple, I looked up the census of James “Katz” for you, perhaps it helps  Aloha, Donna Wendt
1880 US Census - Lime Creek, Washington, Iowa
Katz James 32 father b.abt 1848 b. Bohemia; Parents b. Bohemia; occ: farmer; unemployed 9 months
Katz Barbara 29 wife b. abt 1851 b.Bohemia; Parents b.Bohemia; occ: house keeper
Katz Mary 4 daughter b. abt 1876; b. Iowa; Parents b. Bohemia
Katz Annie C. 1 b.abt 1779; b.Iowa; Parents b. Bohemia.

The K in Katz does not look like the “H” in the name in the line above, however it is poorly written. The census taker wrote " = " that is, the sum symbol for ditto marks, but I've added the words for clarity (like Katz and Bohemia)

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Thank you Donna!

Anonymous said...

I have some info for Frankiset and Katerina Vrchoticky. When and where they arrived in US ... They are buried in St. Joeseph's cemetery in Iowa City. They are also kin to my husband. My email is