Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Records for Annie

This is the fourth in a series detailing my research of Annie Katy Hotz (Shimitz) Holmes and her family.

Three very kind people, Deborah Andrew of The Sum of All My Research, Donna Hague Wendt of Another Day With Donna ..... Genealogy - Family History Blog and a reader who wishes to remain anonymous, all went to the trouble to look up the 1880 census that was recorded in the index at FamilySearch for the James KATZ family. Thank you all! Here is a cropped image of the record.
Personally, I think it looks like KOTZ but certainly the handwritting leaves room for other interpretations.

Deborah Andrew also found a possible record for Annie in the 1900 census. Due to the immigration information included for that Annie I don't believe it is for my subject but I'm hanging onto it in my file in case it makes sense later.

The majority of my research has been conducted at FamilySearch where they have added Chicago Catholic church records. They are browse only and I missed them altogether. Annie in Austin of The Transplantable Rose was not only kind enough to point out the record set to me, she found Annie and Emery's church record and told me exactly where it was! Thanks Annie!

For Annie's marriage to Emery Holmes we now have three surname variations created from a single life event!

1. On her marriage license she was recorded as Annie HUTZ.

2. Her name on the record of her marriage at St Rose of Lima is Annie HOTZ. The marriage license number is a match. Witnesses were Robert Shrader and Celia Shrader. No parents names were given. Illinois, Chicago, Catholic Church Records, 1833-1925. St. Rose of Lima (Chicago), Marriages, 1882-1915, page 116 (image 63 of 97).

3. Also included with the St Rose of Lima records is a hand written index where her name was written ANNA HOLTZ. Illinois, Chicago, Catholic Church Records, 1833-1925. St. Rose of Lima (Chicago), Marriage index, 1882 (no page number, image 40 of 110).

So we now have Katz, Kotz, Holtz, Hotz, Hutz and Shimitz. In my next (and last post) I'll recap what I have in an easier to follow timeline format. I will be including missing items, records that need more scrutiny and other thoughts as to where my cousins can look for more answers.


Donna Hague Wendt said...

Hi, It's fun to look up something for someone when there is a positive discovery. Hope you enjoy the Florida winter, no snow you know! Aloha, Donna

Kerry Scott said...

I'm glad to see you blogging again!