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Annie C Hotz - Timeline

This is the fifth and final installment in a series detailing my research of Annie Katy Hotz (Shimitz) Holmes and her family. I hope that by presenting the information I've found in this format that my cousins may be able to learn more about Annie and her ancestors. I have included me suggestions for further research.

1846, October - Mother, Barbara Vrchoticky born Bohemia

c.1848 - Father, James Hotz/Kotz/Krotz born Bohemia

1870 - Parents census records

Clear Creek, Johnson, Iowa, USA, page 13, family 89. Barbara WHITE, age 24 b. Bohemia. With parents Frank & Catherine WHITE.
"The nucleus of the Union township colony was formed by Peter Kodl (Cole) and Frank Vrchoticky (usually known as Bily or White), and soon after Thomas Neuzil, Hibl, Hrade, and others from Iowa City and Newport township followed." SOURCE: THE BOHEMIANS IN JOHNSON COUNTY By B. Simek (pronounced Shimek)
English River, Washington, Iowa, page 30, family 212. James Krotz, age 22 b. Bohemia. In home of Frank & Annie Krotz.

1874 - February 4. Parents marriage.
James Hotz and Barbara WHITE. Johnson County, Iowa, USA. Iowa Marriages, 1809-1992. Index.
Since this is an index record the original should be found and evaluated.

c.1876 - Sister, Mary Hotz born.

1879 - August 4, Annie C Hotz born.
On the 1895 census Annie's place of birth was listed as Iowa City, Johnson County, Iowa however at the time of the 1880 census the family was living in Lime Creek, Washington County, Iowa. Births were not registered until 1880.
Catholic church records may exist in both places and should be checked for Annie's baptism record. Sisters Mary and Rosa may also have baptism records.

1880 - Census - Lime Creek, Washington, Iowa, page 6C.
James Kotz, age 32 b. Czechoslovakia
Barbara Kotz, age 29 b. Czechoslovakia
Mary Kotz, age 4 b. Iowa
Annie C Kotz, age 1 b. Iowa (indexed as KATZ at FamilySearch)

1880 - August 17. Death of father.
James Kotz, age 36 born Bohemia, died Lime Creek, Washington County, Iowa. Iowa Deaths and Burials, 1850-1990 at
Since he is listed in the death index the original record should be located. The index also says he was buried in Richmond so cemetery records could be checked. A search should be made for a probate file. Additionally, I would do further research on the parents of James, shown on the 1870 census, and try and locate probate files for them which may list the children of James as heirs.

c.1881 - Sister, Rosa Hotz born Richmond, Washington, Iowa.
I did not find a record for her in the index however a search of the birth records should be made.

1884 - Frank Shimets marries Barbara Choe, 15 Jan 1884.
Iowa Marriages, 1809-1992 @FamilySearch, index only.
The original of this record really needs to be examined!

1885 - Iowa State Census, Highland, Washington, Iowa, page 15, family 79:
Franklin Simitz, age 35
Barbra Simitz, age 38
Mary Simitz, age 4
Mary Hotz, age 9
Anna Hotz, age 6
Rosa Hotz, age 4

c.1888 - Half-brother, Frank J. Shimitz born Washington County, Iowa.
There should be a record of this birth and it should be examined to see if it gives any clues that might apply to Annie.

1895 - Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa, Ward 3
Barbra Shimitz, age 49 born Bohemia
Annia Shimitz, age 16 born Iowa City, Iowa
Rosa Shimitz, age 14 born Iowa City, Iowa
Frank Shimitz, age 7 born Iowa City, Iowa

1900 - Census record for Annie needs to be found.
By 1900 Annie's mother, Barbara, was a widow, living with her youngest child, Frank. She stated that she had had four children and all were still living.
The census record for all three of the Hotz daughters should be located. Chances are that eldest daughter, Mary Hotz, was married by this time and the record should also be located.

1903 - January 18 Annie Hotz married Emery Holmes, St Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Chicago, Cook, Illinois.
The marriage license and church record have both been located.

1903 - April 14 Birth of son, Leonard Joseph Holmes
Family members have said he was born in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Census records do indicate that he was born in Illinois.
I did not find his record in the Cook County birth index. I did not find a baptism record for him in the St. Rose of Lima records. His birth record and/or baptism records should be located.

1905 - Iowa State census
Sometime between 1903 and 1906 Annie and Emery returned to Iowa. A search of the 1905 census may help determine when.

1906 - December 11 Birth of son, Lloyd Edward Holmes, Pleasant Valley, Johnson, Iowa
Louyd Edward Holmes, child of Emory O Holmes and Anna Della Hotz. Iowa Births and Christenings, 1830-1950 at FamilySearch, index only.
Original record should be checked to verify Anna's name. Other records have her middle initial as C. and family indicates she used the middle name Katy.

Beyond this I would gather every census record.

My cousin tells me that Annie and Emery divorced and that Annie remarried. Both the divorce record and her second marriage record may include her maiden name.

I am told that Annie's death record does not list her parents names but it should still be included as part of a complete record of Annie.

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I love what you've done here! I really like the idea of a timeline combined with the research done/research still-to-be-done - and I am going to try this for some of my elusive ancestors.