Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Rest of the Story

My husband's great-grandfather was August Grabowski (1863-1943). While searching newspapers at Newspaper Archive several years ago I found the following.

The Post Standard, April 26, 1905, (pg not recorded)

Charged with Stealing Ducks

Accused of stealing eight ducks, valued at $1 each, August Grabosky of No. 118 Park street alley was this morning arrested by sergeants Silas Bergen and Herman Eabold. Mary Smith of Sixth North street was the complainant.

Stealing ducks - really!? Not the type of news story I was hoping for! As I continued to work on my husband's tree I learned that there were three men in Syracuse, NY in 1905 that this article could have referred to, including my husband's great-grandfather. As I gathered more records I was able to determine through census records and other newspaper articles that the August Grabowsky named in the above clip was someone that probably is connected to my husband's family but as yet I have been unable to determine just how.

Even not knowing how the other August Grabowsky fits into the tree I was happy to find the following article from a different paper at Old Fulton History.

The Syracuse Journal, Wednesday, April 26, 1905, page 2


Mr. Smith Didn't Want Them Around So He Sold Them Unknown to His Wife and Trouble Follows

Mrs. Mary Smith of Sixth North-st. was the owner of eight fat ducks. Her husband had frequently complained about the ducks, advising her to sell them. She refused to do so. A few days ago she discovered that the ducks had disappeared. Lated [sic] she learned that the fowls were in the possession of August Grabosky [sic] of 118 Park-st., a driver on one of the dog catcher wagons of the S.P.C.A.

Mrs. Smith swore out a warrant for Grabowsky, charging him with petit larceny. Grabowsky was arrested early Wednesday morning by Sergeant Silas Bergon and Herman Eabold. In Police court he denied that he had stolen the ducks. It devoloped [sic] that Mrs. Smith's husband had sold the ducks to Grabowsky, whereupon the Justice discharged him.

So it always pays to dig a little deeper!

August M Grabowsky of 118 Park Street Alley was born 8 Aug 1874 in Germany, the son of Julius F Grabowsky and Elizabeth Smith. This family of Grabowsky's seemed to consistently spell their name either Grabowsky or Grabosky.

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