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Stay Away From the Water - Part 1

Amanuensis: A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another.

Amanuensis Monday, hosted by John Newmark at Transylvanian Dutch.

Frederick Grabowski was the son of Andrew Grabowski and Helena Schonafski. He was born about 1864, came to the United States c. 1885 and married Lena ____ c. 1887. They had one son, Frederick A Grabowski, born July 1888 Syracuse, Onondaga, New York.

I found this article several years ago. It lists his survivors as an aged mother and sister. I was therefore unable to determine how he fit into the family.

The Evening Herald: Syracuse, Friday, August 1, 1890; pg 7


Frederick Grabowsky Sank While His Helpless Wife Looked On.

Frederick Grabowsky, a Pole, went swimming in Gilbert's Pond, near St. Joseph's cemetery, about 8 o'clock last evening. When he returned home he complained of the heat, and concluded to take a bath. His wife accompanied him to the pond. After wading out into the water some distance he suddenly disappeared, and did not rise to the surface. There is a deep hole at this point. Undertaker Frank Wenz dragged the pond and recovered the body in a short time. Mrs. Grabowsky was almost frantic and she could barely be restrained from plunging into the water. The remains were transferred to the family home, No. 404 Spring street.

Grabowsky was twenty-five years old and was employed in the scalding room of Thomas Ryan's brewery. Besides a widow and one child, the deceased leaves an aged mother and one sister, both living in this city.

Recently I found this article which helped me place him in the family tree. I don't know wwy the first article didn't list his father or other siblings.

The Syracuse Daily Standard, (Date illegible, 1890), page 4


Frederick Grabowsky Loses his life While Bathing.

A sad case of drowning occurred in Gilbert's pond in Pond street near St. Joseph's cemetery at 8:30 o'clock last evening. After Frederick Grabowsky, who lived with his wife and child in a comfortable home in Spring street, took a notion to go bathing and started for Gilbert's pond, which is within a stone's throw of his house. The young man being unable to swim went into the pond where the water was supposed to be shallow. He had been in the water only a few moments when he slipped into a hole about twelve feet deep and was drowned. Grabowsky's wife stood on the bank of the pond with a baby in her arms, and as her husband sunk into his watery grave she tried to jump after him but was held back by some boys. Undertakers Wenz and Gang were summoned and after dragging the pond for an hour or more one of Mr. Wenz's assistants pulled the body in the shore with his grappling hooks. Grabowsky's mother, who was almost distracted when the body of her son was drawn from the water, had to be helped to her home. The remains were removed to Wenz's undertaking rooms in North Salina street. The unfortunate man was a son of Andrew Grabowsky, a laborer, and leaves a wife and one child. He was in his 26th year, and was employed at Ryan's brewery.

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