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Sarah Ann Camfield, Oct 12, 1903

Buchanan October 12th 1903

Dear Children this is Monday morning and I thought I would begin my task of writing letters by writing to you for I thought you would be most interested in it I received 15 letters Fraiday and one saturday I got one from Jud Sweeting did you write to him he said he received a letter frome me the day before I thought it must have been from you and he thought it was fro me I never wrote to him I supposed they were out west I did not know they were in Bronson

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now for the writers of the letters it was a perfect surprise to me Anna had six that she had got but said nothin about till Friday morning they came and put them in my lap bed had them looked over Ashley had been to the Office threw another lot in my lap then the wonder was more than ever wen they had had fun enough of seeig mybewilderment Anna explained it to me I had never heard of such a thing I think there could not have been a more complete surprise

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Mr and Mrs Warner of Noble ane from Mrs Orrie Smith one from Mrs Ola Harris and Harrises niece that is taking of one from Mrs Plant of Bur Oak one from Mrs Bloat Bell plant motherin inlaw of sherwood I never saw her nor hardly heard of her but she wrote a splendid letter also one from Mrs Spero and one from Mrs James Burk Batavia and one from Mrs Minlin Batavia and Mrs Bogardus of Noble Mrs Elizabeth Belden of Wisconsin Mrs Ella Mc Kinnon of Minnesota and Mrs Libby Camfield of Kansas palace and one from Mr Earl Camfield of the same

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your letter came Friday morning and the picture saturday I think you and Earl look very natural but I cannot much of Freds looks in him Anna says he is in the dark more I know I cannot see near as well as I could last year not ever last spring wel I do not of any thin more only to thank your part in the party I thought you would like to know how it came I think it was verry nice indeed

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What a nice birthday surprise for Sarah Ann! Most of the letters I have of hers were written to her daughter Anna. I don't know how this letter written to her son in South Bend, IN came to be saved.

Warner, Smith and Harris were related to Libbie Warner Camfield (Fred's wife).

Sweeting, Plant, Bloat, Spero, Burk and Minlin were neighbors of Sarah Ann when she lived in Branch County, MI.

Mary Bogardus was the wife of Henry, see link below.

Elizabeth Belden and Ella McKinnon were Sarah Ann's nieces and letters they wrote to Anna can be found with the Hall Family letters link below.

Libbie and Earl writing from Kansas was a big surprise for me. I knew that Fred and Libby left Chicago for a time and that at some point they lived in the Ozarks but I didn't know that they tried Kansas first.

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