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Sarah Ann Camfield, Nov 9, 1903

South Bend Nov 9th 1903

Well Anna

I suppose you think it is time to hear from me well I have been buisy doing nothing it seems to me I have not been feeling as usual I have quite a cough and am lamer than I have been but I will be all right after alittle I think Rosa is tiing some Comforters she has tied two and is finishing another today that is all she is going to do thay have been mooving stoves that is done now we are going to have three stoves running this winter we ought to be warm

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the hard coal stove is in the front room and the little wood stove is in the dining room right by my bedroom dore so you see I can be warm if we can get coal there is potatoes and apples in the seller to last some time I dont know how many and they made 13 gallons of crout so you see were provided for awhile any way and 1 hundred quarts of canned fruit the Mothers meeting was at our house the day before I came home and last week it was near enough so I went and this week wensday it will be here again the first sunday I was home I went to the Evangelical Church

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I think I left two pocket handkerchief in the pocket of your cape it seems as if there was something else but donot know if you will send them I will be Obliged Joseph has been out of work ever since I have been home to day he is at work on the sewer I believe I have not called on any of the neighbors yet nor seen Mrs Gallop she is taking care of the same woman she was when Joseph was here for 5 five dollars per week I think she better stick to it if it is money she is after and of coure it is and nothing else from your Loving Mother S A Camfield

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every thing is straitened up now there is one paper we have have not got but it is ready when we call for it the money is out on interest at six percent the same ast was before so that is off my mind for two years

I wrote to Elizabeth belden yesterday today and tomorrow I think to write to Ella did you send the one I left for misses Plant of coare you did

Interesting that Sarah Ann had an investment and struggling to have enough money most of her life.

I wonder if Grandpa Joe was rethinking giving up barbering when he had to take work on the sewer? I was never clear on why he gave up his barber shop.

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