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Clarinda Etoly Robinson - 1857-1909

Toley Robinson was a dear friend of my great-grandmother, Anna Camfield Carlisle and while she wasn't a family member, she was important to my family, not just to Anna but to her three children and many other members of the Camfield and Carlisle families in southern Michigan and Northern Indiana. One of Tamerson Carlisle Binn's memories of her childhood was of Toley helping to make Apple Butter.

Through letters I have learned much about her and the Robinson family and have added them to an online tree to share that information. I have connected with a member of the Robinson family who shared a photograph of Toley and just recently found a record of her death. When I wrote What Happened to Etoley Robinson I cleared up some relationships but made at least one incorrect assumption. Rather than a standard index page I have created this time line for Toley. Included are links to letters, the online tree and Find-a-Grave. Hopefully I now have all of the Robinson family relations correct.

Toley - Thank you for being a friend!

1857. Clarinda Etoley Robinson was born to Parker and Clarinda Robinson on October 24th, most likely in Elkhart County, Indiana.

1860. Census. Concord, Elkhart, Indiana. With her parents, six siblings and her paternal grandmother.

1865. The Robinson family moved to Buchanan, Berrien, Michigan.

1870. Census. Buchanan, Berrien, Michigan. With her parents and three siblings. Next door was her sister, Elizabeth Robinson Voorhees.

1880. Census. Buchanan, Berrien, Michigan. With her parents. Next door was her sister, Elizabeth Robinson Voorhees. Her friend, Anna Camfield Carlisle lived in the home behind hers.

1887. Buchanan, Berrien, Michigan.

1898. Her father, Parker Robinson, died January 29th and was buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Buchanan, Berrien, Michigan. Her mother, Clarinda, also died that year, on November 16th and was also buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery.

1899. Toley moved from Buchanan, Michigan to South Bend, Indiana.
  • On February 19th Toley was taking care of Anna Carlisle's children and wrote the first of the letters that Anna would save.
  • In a letter dated Feb 24, 1899, Daniel Carlisle stated that Toley intended to leave for South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana the following day.
  • Also on Feb. 24, Tamerson Carlisle mentioned Toley's planned trip to South Bend and also that they had seen Toley's brother, Abner Robinson.
  • A third letter on Feb 24 by Ashley Carlisle also mentions Toley and Abner.
  • On Feb 26 Daniel Carlisle confirmed that Toley had left for South Bend.
  • Anna Carlisle wrote to Toley on Feb 27. Since Toley had already left for south Bend I assume that Toley never received it and that is why it was with Anna's papers.
  • On March 18 Toley was still in South Bend, Indiana when she wrote to Tamerson Carlisle. She mentioned writing to Mrs. Gosline and that her violin had arrived. She mentions her brother, Abner and many other people.
  • In a second letter written March 18, Toley mentions her sister, Lib (Elizabeth) and other friends.
  • April 27, 1899, Rose G Camfield says she hasn't seen Toley in South Bend, IN and asks if Toley has returned to Buchanan, MI.
  • May 7, Toley had moved to E. Washington St and described her new rooms. Lib and Amelia were mentioned.
  • Aug 7, 1899, Rose G Camfield mentions that Toley had been to visit her in South Bend, IN a few days earlier and that she seemed well and happy.
  • Aug 28, 1899, Mabel Camfield Marsh said that she saw Toley every day and that she didn't think Toley would visit Buchanan, MI that summer.
  • Sept 10, 1899, Toley wrote from South Bend, IN about her frustrations with her job. She is concerned about some deeds and said, "I wish you would ask Abb [Abner] if he got those deeds all right."The remainder of the letter talks about a show she saw.
  • The year finished out with a letter from South Bend, IN by Toley, Dec 31st, in which she talks about friends and Christmas. As far sa family she said, "I suppose Lizzie has gone to Mays Bell does not seeme to envy May in the least. I have not seen Amelia since she came back". Amelia Gosline was her niece. Lizzie was most likely Toley's siter-in-law, Elizabeth Grady Wilbur Robinson and May was Lizzie's daughter. Belle was most likely Mabel Camfield but I have no idea why she would be envious of May. [Thanks to Chris for figuring out these relationships.]

1900. Census. South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana. Renting rooms in the home of George Northam that she shared with her niece, Amelia Gosline (daughter of her sister, Sarah Robinson Gosline). She was working as a dressmaker.
  • Jan 1, Toley wrote from South Bend, Indiana. She mentioned Christmas and several friends.
  • Jan 3, Toley wrote from South Bend, Indiana. A short letter, she mentions her nephew, Clint Voorhees. I believe that the letters written Dec 31, Jan 1 and Jan 3 were all mailed together.
  • Mar 18, Toley wrote from South Bend, Indiana. Mentioned are family named McComb that I can not place and her nephew, Clint Voorhees and sister, Celia. She also provides the birth dates of her parents and recounts her family's trip from Indiana o Michigan.
  • Mar 19, Toley wrote about a show she had seen. I believe this letter was sent with the one written the day before.
  • Apr 23, Toley mentioned, Lib Voorhees, Amelia and Ralph Gosline, Lizzie Robinson and May Seavey as well as a family named McComb.
  • Aug 14, Toley wrote from the hospital in South Bend, Indiana. She had had a serious gynecological problem and relates her problem and recovery in a long letter. Her apartment is described briefly and her niece, Amelia Gosline, is mentioned.
  • Aug 21, Toley was now home in South Bend, Indiana. She mentions her sister, Elizabeth Robinson Voorhees and some friends.
  • By 1900 her brother, Woosley, had moved to Grant County, Oklahoma.
1901. South Bend, Indiana. 69 E Washington.

1902. Letters written from South Bend, Indiana

1903. South Bend, Indiana.
  • Aug 2, Toley had finished her studies and had started a new career as a nurse. She mentions some friends, her sister Lib and bother Abb. Also mentioned is May. She indicates that the Robinson house in Buchanan, Michigan is empty.

1905. Not known.

1906. Not known.

1908. Medford, Grant, Oklahoma.

1909. Medford, Grant, Oklahoma.
  • Jan 10, Toley said, "I do not think you will have me when the five years are up. you know I did not promise to come back unless I prospered." She again wrote a bout Christmas and mentioned gifts from her sister, Sarah, and niece, Amelia, as well as other friends.
  • Mar 26, Toley wrote about having to move and making hair pieces. She mentions her brother, Woolsey and Mae and said that her nephew, Melvin and family started back to their claim.

1909. Death. 26 June, Grant County, Oklahoma. Burial Springdale Cemetery.
  • In Jan 1909 Toley wrote of Sarah Ann Camfield, who was then 91, "Am sorry your mother does not become any stronger but it is not surprising. if we should live to be as old as she is we may consider ourselves lucky is we should be strong." Sadly, Toley died just a few months later at the age of 51.
  • Chris found Toley's burial information in: The silent cities of Grant County, Oklahoma by Deone K. Pearcy, N. Dale Talkington. 1993.


Hampers said...

I just recently discovered your blog and am so glad I did. What a sweet post!

Robin said...

WoW !! I stumbled onto your blog a few weeks ago and now this story appears. My great grandfather is Melvin Woolsey Robinson. His sister, Cleo May Robinson raised my mother. She has been working on gathering genealogy names for at least 50 years. I was ready to send you some photos I have of the Robinson / Pruyne / Appel-Apples when my scanner blinked out. But just couldn't wait to share at least this little bit of connected news. Your research is amazing. I have just begun to expand on all my mom's (Beverly Jean Robinson McCleskey)many names she has passed down to me. While still trying to input all her data into the computer, I am busy trying to find the "stories" to all the hundreds of names given. I hope to keep in touch and will send you the photos as soon as possible. There are a few given to us that are unnamed and hoping that perhaps you may recognize them.
again Thank you !!!!

Kathleen Brandt, Professional Genealogist said...

Congrats on finding a new compadre in Robin. I love seeing these relationships cultivate. But I originally wanted to say great post with the links to various sources. I enjoyed how you created a timeline accompanied by your resources within one post.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so well done;beautiful and also full of feeling from the letters, photos, and sourced information.

Thank you for allowing me to contribute in a small way with the picture of Toley and the sad information about her death.